Caution Wake Turbulence
Truddi Foggo

A new exhibition has just opened at Elmslie House, featuring the dramatic and inspiring work of local artists Sue Firmin and Trudi Foggo.

Sue and Trudi first exhibited together at Elmslie House two years ago and we’re thrilled that their paintings are once again gracing the walls of the house. All the paintings in this collection are new, with many created during Summer 2020.

A collection of mixed media works
Sue Firmin

Sue Firmin is a contemporary abstract artist who is inspired not only by the countryside where she lives, but also the nearby city. Sue uses crayons, pencils and inks to create her artwork, often drawing into the paint, whilst wet or dry.  Sue also uses collaged paper amongst the painted and drawn marks of her work, giving the onlooker a host of textures and colours to discover.

“The point of inspiration is rarely visible in the finished painting, but gives me a starting point, whilst allowing the viewer to find their own interpretation.” Sue Firmin.

The Whistle of the Wind
Sue Firmin

Trudi Foggo is also a contemporary artist and uses acrylics, water mixable oils, pastels, charcoal and inks in her work. Her current work focuses on what she sees around her.

“Observation is key. There is looking, and then there is really looking. I question what it is I am seeing, how it impacts on me, how it makes me feel and how I feel about it.” Truddi Foggo.

Poetry Lives in the Detail
Truddi Foggo

The exhibition runs for two weekends:

Friday 18th – Sunday 20th September

Friday 25th – Sunday 27th September

11am – 4pm