PAINT & FORM…a new exhibition

Despite lockdown, the team at Elmslie House have, like so many others up and down the country, been working from home and catching up via the wonders of technology (invariably with a mug of tea in hand!) With all events and workshops at Elmslie cancelled for the foreseeable future, it’s an uncertain time. We’re not alone though and our hearts are always heavy when we read of other arts venues, theatres, and galleries that are in danger of closing because of the impact that the Covid-19 pandemic is having.

We’re doing what we can to support makers and artists – following our favourites on Instagram, getting behind the #artistsupportpledge initiative and spreading the word about makers, fundraising auctions and the like.

There’s a wealth of creative talent in our own part of the world and we’ve been busy planning exhibitions, as well as the popular Blue Magpie Contemporary Craft Fair, for later on this year. We’re very excited to be bringing together, for the first time, the work of two internationally renowned local artists – Antony Bridge and Ed Elliott – in an Autumn exhibition, to be called Paint & Form.

Antony is a renowned Malvern-based artist who specialises in plein air painting. His vibrant works of art are collected both throughout the UK and worldwide. Antony is the Artist in Residence for National Trust Croome and his recent ‘Landscapes of Antony Bridge’ solo show held in the Drawing Room at Croome was a huge success.

Ed is an award winning sculptor from Great Malvern. He specialises in wood and bronze, creating highly innovative and emotive work that is collected globally. With public pieces in six counties, his ambitious larger-scale figurative sculptures in wood, have led him to become one of the nation’s leading sculptors in this medium.

We may not be able to be in the same room, but we can still plan exhibitions via the wonders of technology!

Over the last few months the Elmslie Team have been ‘meeting’ with Antony and Ed to discuss ideas and plans for their exhibition. We can’t help but have background envy whenever we see Antony as he always sits in front of a collection of his paintings!

With the current Covid-19 situation there are all sorts of things we have to think about for Paint & Form that we could never have envisaged when the idea for the exhibition was first talked about. How many people can visit the exhibition at any one time? How do we make sure everyone keeps 2m apart? What if people don’t want to travel to see the exhibition but are still interested in seeing Antony and Ed’s work? We’re working out the solutions – for the exhibition to run over a longer time than we’d first planned and to create online catalogue.

Covid-19 is making everyone think differently, work differently and adapt. Life may never quite be the same again, but we will have found news ways of working, met all sorts of new people and be the stronger for it. We’re all in this together…even if we are, at the moment, still apart.

Watch this space for more news about Paint & Form, as well as other events that will (fingers crossed) be taking place at Elmslie House later this year.