The doors of Elmslie House may be closed, but there’s plenty happening behind the scenes.

The Elmslie Team are all working remotely from home, having catch ups via the wonders of technology; finding news ways to work and keep in touch with each other as well as the Elmslie House and Blue Magpie communities. Some may argue that there are drawbacks to living in such a tech-reliant age, but we can’t help but be thankful that technology has given us and so many other businesses, families and friends a means to keep in touch and carry on as ‘normally’ as possible. How different everything could have been if this pandemic had happened even, say, 20 years ago.

The Elmslie Team have been keeping in touch with regular meetings online.

There are plans afoot for an Autumn exhibition, showcasing the work of two internationally acclaimed artists who are connected to Malvern – artist Antony Bridge and sculptor Ed Elliott. With so many other exhibitions and Open Studio events having already been cancelled this year, we’re hoping that the exhibition at Elmslie House (be it virtually or at Elmslie itself) will give art lovers something to look forward to.

‘Malvern Bluebells’, Antony Bridge
‘Greer’, from the Guardian Angels series, Ed Elliott

Watch this space for news about Antony and Ed’s exhibition…

It’s a tricky time for many people who are in lockdown – isolation isn’t easy. We recently read a post by Gracie of Gracie Hinitt Jewellery which we found rather insightful. In her post, Gracie had included words from one of the online jewellery forums she’s a member – describing how people who are creative and/or make a living from being an artist or maker are potentially finding isolation easier as they are used to being on their own, working happily at their craft. Perhaps this is why so many of us are turning to art, craft and other creative pastimes to help us through the weeks of lockdown?

Many of the makers who come to the Blue Magpie Contemporary Craft Fairs are still working away in their studios, with many of their handmade creations available to buy online. Instagram, as well as makers’ own websites and blogs are full of amazing pieces that you can buy from the comfort of your own home.

We’re fans of the #artistssupportpledge initiative, where artists are listing works for sale at no more than £200. Once they’ve reached £1000 in sales, they pay it forward by spending £200 on the work of another artist. It’s all about artists supporting one another and selling their work (and therefore still making a living) when we’re all in lockdown.

In these uncertain times, it’s important to support as many people as possible in whatever ways we can – our family and friends, neighbours we might not yet know, key workers, small businesses, artists and craft people, to name just a few. It’s the small acts of kindness and solidarity that will see us through.

Stay home…stay safe…and stay creative.