Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Sarah Tyssen

Sarah designs ranges of scarves and blankets on a dobby loom in her workshop – hand weaving a large piece of each design & colourway as a sample.

She then calculates yarn quantities for production, have yarns dyed and produces very detailed specifications, for a mill in Yorkshire to weave her designs up on power looms in limited editions of up to 12 per colourway. Sarah works very closely with the mill to achieve the same finish as her hand woven samples.

Using power looms for small-scale production means Sarah can concentrate on the designing – which is the part of the weaving process she enjoys most, rather than weaving metres of the same thing.

Inspiration for Sarah’s work comes from observation of everything around her. She sees something that gives her an idea – then puts a series of warps onto the loom and play with constructions and colours – and so the design evolves as she works.

Since being a child Sarah has had a real passion for colour, and love the capabilities and restrictions of weaving when one colour crosses another.

Sarah will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

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