Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Araminta Fogden

Representation: Wildlife is Araminta’s primary inspiration, wild animals, badger, pheasants, hares, owls, rabbits. They give her so much to work with in their fantastic colours, lines and patterns, attitude, body language and energy. She does like to capture a sense of personality within the creatures, an all knowing glimmer of intelligence in their eyes.

Inspiration: Araminta would say her work is much stylised, motif like, naive, folk and fun. She loves simple design, with good crisp lines, and endeavour to achieve this. She is very much inspired by artwork of the arts and crafts era, Japanese and Chinese prints and ceramics, folk art, Art Deco motifs and Art Nouveau style
Araminta does really love to draw and paint, to be creative, make mess and design. It’s what makes her happy, so to make a living doing what she loves is just fantastic. She hopes that love comes through in my work.

Creation: Araminta’s working process starts with study, lots of drawing, these first drawing are a straight copy of the image, and have in no way been stylized, but as she goes on, she does start to play with the lines of the animal, and create my own style.
Then Araminta turns to paints, acrylics and oils. She is drawn to rich, warm bold colours and very much enjoy using gold leaf. It just seems to set everything off so well, and adds a warm glow as it nods to the beautiful artwork of the byzantine era, and it’s resurgence within the arts and crafts and Pre Raphaelite movement.

Araminta will be at the market on Sunday only.

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