Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Marietta Vote

Marietta started out with drawing, and she has always been an artist. Marietta trained in ceramics in Cornwall but these days, she divides her time between gardening, painting, and running art classes and workshops at her Forest of Dean, garden Studio and at local venues.

Marietta’s paintings often start with colour, inspired by colour combinations of still life subjects.
The paintings and drawings are about beauty in everyday things, favourite china, shoes, cotton reels and cutlery, the memories and recollections that they spark.

Marietta works in both oils and watercolours, liking them both equally for their very different qualities, choosing the medium that seems to best suit the subject. She stretches her own canvases in a traditional way, using raw linen, zinc tacks and rabbit skin glue.

Marietta’s watercolours use the contrast of precise pencil drawing and a loose and fluid colour.

Originally from Bristol, she has lived in the Forest of Dean for almost thirty years, with potter, Nigel Lambert
Her paintings and drawings have been selected five times for the Royal West of England Academy and she has worked in public and private collections.
Marietta sells work through exhibitions, mainly in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and the South West, and directly from her studio.

Marietta will be at the market Sunday only

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