Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Helen Button

Helen is very proud to share my passion for handmade ceramics through individual one-off small run editions of both functional and sculptural ceramics. She has been creating in clay for 20 years now and is as passionate about making with now as when starting out at Art school.

With a true respect for handmade items and a nod to the Arts & Craft movement, Helen’s aim to convey these qualities through my artwork.

Helen thoroughly enjoys the designing and making process. To capture the making moment with functional ceramics, freeze it in time and then create more magical moments through use is a true pleasure. The sculptural pieces are more abstract; sharing ideas and thoughts.

Inspiration behind Helen’s work evolves over time depending upon her interests. Currently the ceramic houses are inspired by the current housing market dilemmas.

Experimentation is essential to Helen’s creative processes; sometimes she may throw and at other times hand-build. More recently Helen has been trialling different clay bodies and transferring painting effects onto clay.

All pieces are created in Helen’s garden studio in Southam, Warwickshire. Every piece has its own unique identification code and is signed. Functional tableware pieces are suitable for both microwave and dishwasher.

Helen will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday

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