Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Becky Crawford

One of the main reasons for Becky creating her wire art work is to bring joy and a smile to people.

Becky loves drawing with wire and recreating scenarios that she comes across in my daily life with her daughter, pets and wildlife, as well as imaginary scenes.
Drawing with wire like a pen, Becky’s pieces often emerge straight from the wire. She enjoys making flowing shapes and patterns, echoing my love of pen drawing.

Many of her pieces are miniature; Becky always loved working tiny and including fine detail though she has made several larger commissions as well.

With a selection of pliers and her fingers Becky bends various wires including copper, brass and silver plated as well as incorporating painted paper, plastic cut from bottles, beads, wood, driftwood, papier mache and more. She loves mixing different materials together to bring texture, detail, depth and colour into her wire pieces.

Becky also makes artworks with collage, pen, ink, paint and pencil which help inspire her wire work.

Becky will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

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