Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Amanda Ray

Inspired by the designs of the sixties and the Art Deco period, I make a colourful range of ceramic jewellery using the Japanese firing technique, Raku, a technique I practised and studied over two years (1993-1995) whilst working alongside potter John Bedding at St Ives Ceramics. Since setting up my own workshop, I have been designing and producing fulltime and, since 1995 have exhibited in around 50 galleries nationwide.

Prices for earrings and brooches range between £36 and £40, necklaces between £48 and £78.

Individually cutting out each piece, I carve my designs straight onto the clay. After a bisque firing of 1100 degrees, I brush on the glazes. It is my silver nitrate glaze recipe, mixed also with different pigments, that gives the jewellery its overall unique look.

After re-firing to 930 degrees, the work is put into wood-chippings, paper and damp sawdust are layered on, and flames transform the glazes creating lustrous surfaces contrasting with unglazed areas carbonised by the smoke. Cooled and polished, the pieces are assembled using hand-made silver fittings.

Amanda will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday

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