Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Monica Boxley

Monica has been running my own small business for almost twenty years. During that time she has been designing and making jewellery, women’s accessories, women’s unique stylish clothing, and passing her skills onto others by running workshops from my studio in Isleworth.

Monica has been an artist at Redlees Studios for 23 years. Her designs are handmade in London for people who want to stand out from the crowd and express who they are by their style. Her fabrics and jewellery are printed in UK from photographs taken on travels, art work and from patterns of vintage fabrics.

Monica will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Araminta Fogden

Representation: Wildlife is Araminta’s primary inspiration, wild animals, badger, pheasants, hares, owls, rabbits. They give her so much to work with in their fantastic colours, lines and patterns, attitude, body language and energy. She does like to capture a sense of personality within the creatures, an all knowing glimmer of intelligence in their eyes.

Inspiration: Araminta would say her work is much stylised, motif like, naive, folk and fun. She loves simple design, with good crisp lines, and endeavour to achieve this. She is very much inspired by artwork of the arts and crafts era, Japanese and Chinese prints and ceramics, folk art, Art Deco motifs and Art Nouveau style
Araminta does really love to draw and paint, to be creative, make mess and design. It’s what makes her happy, so to make a living doing what she loves is just fantastic. She hopes that love comes through in my work.

Creation: Araminta’s working process starts with study, lots of drawing, these first drawing are a straight copy of the image, and have in no way been stylized, but as she goes on, she does start to play with the lines of the animal, and create my own style.
Then Araminta turns to paints, acrylics and oils. She is drawn to rich, warm bold colours and very much enjoy using gold leaf. It just seems to set everything off so well, and adds a warm glow as it nods to the beautiful artwork of the byzantine era, and it’s resurgence within the arts and crafts and Pre Raphaelite movement.

Araminta will be at the market on Sunday only.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Sarah Tyssen

Sarah designs ranges of scarves and blankets on a dobby loom in her workshop – hand weaving a large piece of each design & colourway as a sample.

She then calculates yarn quantities for production, have yarns dyed and produces very detailed specifications, for a mill in Yorkshire to weave her designs up on power looms in limited editions of up to 12 per colourway. Sarah works very closely with the mill to achieve the same finish as her hand woven samples.

Using power looms for small-scale production means Sarah can concentrate on the designing – which is the part of the weaving process she enjoys most, rather than weaving metres of the same thing.

Inspiration for Sarah’s work comes from observation of everything around her. She sees something that gives her an idea – then puts a series of warps onto the loom and play with constructions and colours – and so the design evolves as she works.

Since being a child Sarah has had a real passion for colour, and love the capabilities and restrictions of weaving when one colour crosses another.

Sarah will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Bronwen Gwillim

Bronwen makes wearable statement jewellery from repurposed and recycled industrial plastics. 

She is interested in the relationship between nature and plastic and is inspired by shapes and textures created, over time, by the forces of the weather and the sea. 

She sees herself as a plasticsmith working with a precious commodity and seeks to imbue these soulless materials with character by working their surfaces till their colours soften and they feel natural in the hand like a treasured pebble.  

Bronwen will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Tanith Rouse

Tannish trained at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, achieving a BA (Hons) in Silversmithing and Jewellery. 

She loves making jewellery from a variety of materials and particularly enjoy using aluminium because it’s lightweight, versatile and above all, potentially colourful. 

At university Tanith became interested in the value placed on jewellery, writing her final thesis on the differences between the aesthetic and the intrinsic value of jewellery.  As a consequence, she has preferred to use non precious metal such as aluminium transforming it in to something that is desirable for its beauty rather than its monetary worth.

Tanith hand dyes, paints and prinst the aluminium and then seals the colour in so that it becomes a permanent part of the metal.  She is inspired by bright colours and anything that glitters.  Tanith’s love of the sea is also apparent in much of her work often playing on the colours of green and blue.

Tanith will be at the market on Sunday only.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Su Tindle

Su creates modern, clean-lined jewellery in silver and resin in her studio in Bath, Somerset.

Enjoying the traditional precision of working with silver Su combines this with the challenges of alternative materials and techniques such as resin: ‘Resin is such a lightweight and versatile material. I can add glorious colour and make bold sculptural shapes, yet it is still lightweight and comfortable to wear.’

A recurring source of inspiration is early 20th Century abstract sculpture and mid-century design.

Su is a member of the Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen and the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Su will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Sasha Rae

Sasha lives and works in the shadow of the beautiful Malvern Hills, a place which gives her constant inspiration.

Sasha makes bold an delivery prints of birds and animals using simplified images to express character and movement. Each of her designs begins as a series of sketches exploring form and posture, arriving at a final image which she feels best captures a sense of the individuals mannerisms and personality.

In addition to her hand screen -printed framed artwork, Sasha makes cushions and other functional yet decorative items from beautifully soft, natural linen, hand printed in environmentally friendly inks with her spirited and colourful designs.

Sasha will be at the market on Saturday only.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Sarah Nicol

Sarah Nicol and Peter O’Neil work together on these functional decorated ceramics from their home and studio at Earls Croome House.

Peter set up his first pottery in 1993 in Cornwall; he works mostly in white earthenware, which Sarah decorates, and in raku, which he glazes, and fires dramatically in their pottery workshop garden.

Sarah has a BA (hons) in surface pattern from SCAT in Taunton 1996 and then an MA in textiles from Bath in 2008, she uses these skills to paint the pots Peter makes her.

They set up at Earls Croome in 2009 with Sarah painting the simple folk art designs with unglazed coloured slips onto the claycreating a fabric like feel that echoes the embroidered wool and linen of the textile pieces that inspired them.

In 2016 saw a new fish collection. A lifelong love of drawing and embroidering fish meant it came naturally to develop. Unlike the Folk Art range they have a glossy transparent glaze bringing life to shoals of fish swimming in swirling cobalt blue on mugs, jugs, bowls and vases. A final firing with gold lustre adds life to the pieces that don’t need to go in the dishwasher.

Sarah will be at the market on Saturday only.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Sally Boehme

Combined brooch and pendant comprising silk, glass beads, Swarovski crystals and handmade polymer clay cabochon.

Sally has been creating jewellery for 30 years using many materials; polymer clay, beads, lead crystals, pearls, semi-precious stones, threads, fabric and wire.  Often a unique piece – be it cabochon or bead – will set her off on a new creative journey. 

Sally’s influences are the lovely countryside that surrounds my home and she also loves oil painting as a hobby so she is often influenced by Renaissance art, the work of Gustav Klimt and Impressionism! 

Sally’s work encompasses creating my own beads and buttons as well as other items of jewellery extending the decorative elements to festive decorations for the home. 

Sally exhibits at venues in Oxfordshire, Herefordshire, Monmouthshire and Guernsey.  She also teaches her designs to adults at my home studio in Herefordshire and at venues around the country. Her work has been published in Bead, Beadwork, Bead & Jewellery, Vogue and WI Life magazines.

Sally will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Ruth Gibson

Working in porcelain, Ruth Gibson combines a love of photography, printmaking and ceramics, to evoke a sense of place; in particular the Shropshire landscape and the Welsh Coast.

With a love of the outdoors, these two passions intertwine through her life, walking in the hills being outdoors, and responding to nature through clay. Inspired by many walks on the rugged Stiperstones, and the Welsh mountains and coast, imagery includes winter trees, textures in nature, the rocks beneath the surface, and the inclusion of sections on map, rooting the work to the place it is inspired by. Ancient standing stones found scattered across the hills are echoed in the shapes of the ceramic pieces. These artworks depict stormy seas or wild moorlands and yet have a calming effect on the viewer.  

This collection of printed ceramics, with a strong black and white theme enhanced with touches of glaze, includes framed wall art,  chunky platters, delicate shell-like bowls, and complimentary jewellery.

‘I have a deep appreciation of the transformative power of our hands; crafting a piece of clay dug from the ground into something beautiful or functional has been a privilege and a delight for this to have been my life’s work’.

Ruth will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Rhys Partridge

Born in Herefordshire, Rhys has always had an interest in the creative arts. The main focus of his work is to create something that describes his environment.

He has a specific interest in surface and texture and tries to mimic what he sees in his surroundings in his paintings and drawings.

He also has an interest in printmaking and has taken a new venture into the linocut process looking primarily at british wildlife.

Rhys will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Rachael Blakeway

Rachael enjoys both the freedom and the challenge of transforming, upcycling and recycling everyday materials and found objects into quirky mixed media pictures and decorations. A certain shape, texture or colour will spark off an idea of how Rachael can give something that has been discarded a new lease of life.

Used gift wrap and sweet wrappers become fabric for fairy dresses, sails for boats or stained glass windows, empty cotton reels turn into wheels for caravans and a well used scouring pad makes perfect smoke for a chimney or hair!!!

The characters and scenes in Rachael’s pictures are based on her everyday observations of people, and her surroundings in Rhayader and further afield. After playing and assembling my treasure Rachael decorates with bright colours and the transformation is complete.

Rachael’s early years of watching Blue Peter – and later on when She was a student scouting fruitful skips for cheap art materials- have influenced her style of working today minus the tetanus jabs and sticky back plastic!!! Rachael is a true believer of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!”

Rachael will be at the market on Saturday only.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Peter Lanyon

After achieving an MA with distinction from Buckingham University, Peter began his furniture-making career working within the confines that come from using planed, seasoned wood. After he returned to his native Devon in 2003, he started to explore a more sustainable methodology, finding relevance in the low energy, simple technology of green woodworking, which captures the beauty and essence of the original tree.

Each of Peter’s iconic pieces begin the same way. He hand-selects coppiced stems from a well-managed, local wood on the south Devon coast. Coppicing is a traditional woodland management practice that preserves bio-diversity. It involves felling young trees to open up the canopy, while preserving the root system. New shoots soon sprout from the stump, and the cycle is repeated every 30 years or so. Peter’s work is simply an extension of this sustainable approach.

Peter is an award-winning member of the Devon Guild. He regularly exhibits his work in London and across the UK, while select pieces are also available from several well-renowned galleries. He’s available for commissions, and runs ever-popular woodworking courses at his workshop in the stunning South Hams.

Peter will be at the market Saturday & Sunday

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Marietta Vote

Marietta started out with drawing, and she has always been an artist. Marietta trained in ceramics in Cornwall but these days, she divides her time between gardening, painting, and running art classes and workshops at her Forest of Dean, garden Studio and at local venues.

Marietta’s paintings often start with colour, inspired by colour combinations of still life subjects.
The paintings and drawings are about beauty in everyday things, favourite china, shoes, cotton reels and cutlery, the memories and recollections that they spark.

Marietta works in both oils and watercolours, liking them both equally for their very different qualities, choosing the medium that seems to best suit the subject. She stretches her own canvases in a traditional way, using raw linen, zinc tacks and rabbit skin glue.

Marietta’s watercolours use the contrast of precise pencil drawing and a loose and fluid colour.

Originally from Bristol, she has lived in the Forest of Dean for almost thirty years, with potter, Nigel Lambert
Her paintings and drawings have been selected five times for the Royal West of England Academy and she has worked in public and private collections.
Marietta sells work through exhibitions, mainly in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and the South West, and directly from her studio.

Marietta will be at the market Sunday only

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Lizzie Weir

Tumbled, battered, burnt, lost, found, stranded pieces of ephemera gathered on the tidelines of beaches, on the hinterlands where the sand meets the land… each piece has journeyed, travelled over waves, through storms, bobbed, floated and drifted onto the strandline and into my hands.

This collection features pieces of flotsam that Lizzie has collected throughout her life; sea sponges, rusty metal, wood with ship worm holes, driftwood, nuts, seeds, pips, the sole of a shoe…each piece sculpted by the sea and the journey it has been on.

Lizzie sees each piece of jewellery as a three-dimensional drawing, an extension of the marks and shapes that hold endless fascination for her and that she sees everywhere she walks and looks.

Many of the pieces of flotsam featured in this G A T H E R I N G S collection are from beaches in the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall, The Isles of Scilly and Devon (with perhaps a few sun-drenched Portugal beaches thrown in!)

Lizzie will be at the market Saturday & Sunday

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Kim Allwright

Kim originally studied languages and worked abroad as a translator for many years. After returning to England she was able to revisit her creative interests and now works as a designer/maker, selling her pieces under the name Wilde Works.

Drawing inspiration from social and global issues, she creates minimalist pieces of contemporary jewellery that convey messages about peace, equality and the environment, reinforcing this narrative through carefully-chosen colour pallets. She sees jewellery as a form of discovery and self-expression, enabling the wearer to explore and identify with the story behind her pieces and so express something about themselves.

Kim works mainly and resin, hand-mixed to beautiful unique colours, and occasionally uses gemstones to add interest. All her pieces are made by hand with careful attention to detail, at times combined with 3D CAD design technology. She incorporates techniques such as sawing, filing, soldering, forming, stone-setting, roll-printing and texturing. Quality and craftsmanship are of the utmost importance.

Her body of work to date includes kinetic rings, and two minimalist collections called First Exploration and Snapshot2016.

An image of her kinetic rings was used by resin expert Clare John in her book Resin Jewellery.

Kim will be at the market Sunday only

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Kate Brazier

Kate is an artist and illustrator specialising in contemporary layered watercolours and mixed media. She grew up in Herefordshire and now works from her home studio, in rural Worcestershire.

Her work combines the use of contemporary watercolour techniques with cut or torn papers, layered to create three dimensional elements to draw you into the painting. She uses layering to help create depth and texture. Inspired by the countryside and the beautiful British coastline, Kate’s work often features little cottages and florals.

Kate studied graphic design, and then illustration at Hereford College of Art. After leaving college she worked for a commercial gallery in Birmingham, where she learnt the principals behind selling original paintings, met artists from all over the world and got an insight into printing on a commercial scale.
Her painting style has gradually evolved over the years but her love of colour, detail and texture has remained throughout.

Kate will be at the market on Saturday only

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Julie Fountain

Award winning glass artist Julie Fountain has been making stunning and original glass bead jewellery from her Malvern studio since 2007.

She creates intricately detailed beads inspired by the sea and teams them with beautiful handmade silver to make heirloom quality jewellery that she sells through independent shops from England to Australia, as well as direct from her own website.

Julie’s love of colour shines through in her new Lush Art Glass range of bright and quirky ready to wear jewellery and DIY kits that make perfect gifts for people with a sense of fun and creativity.

For anybody looking for a truly different experience, Julie also runs glass bead making workshops in the heart of Malvern.  Gift vouchers are available.

Julie will be at the market Saturday only.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Julia Smith

As a Herefordshire based jeweller, Julia is proud to have completed my BA (hons) in Contemporary Applied Arts at Hereford College of Arts.

A love of antique scientific instruments led Julia to explore the workings of Orreries and their movement. This then introduced the kinetic element in her work, and subsequently her highly individual Kinetic Rings.

These signature pieces were the starting point for Julia’s jewellery which has now developed into her current Lunar range.

The majority of Julia’s work is hand formed and developed in her own workshop. She also sets her own stones and strings her own pearls and semi precious beads. Some of Julia’s work is oxidised to form contrasting elements. Her work ranges from bold neck pieces featuring 100mm links and Kinetic rings standing 85mm tall, to 5mm studs. Prices currently start from £10

Julia will be at the market on Saturday only

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Jill Pargeter

Jill has been working as a print maker and designer for over thirty years after studying printed textiles at Manchester Polytechnic.

All of Jill’s work is hand made to her original designs from printing, stitching and finishing the final pieces.

Jill’s work is inspired by folk art and the arts & crafts movement and it combines her love of history, nature and poetic verse.

Jill’s designs are hand drawn and then screen printed onto fabrics and panels to produce a range of decorative objects for the home.

Jill will be at the market on Sunday only

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Helen Button

Helen is very proud to share my passion for handmade ceramics through individual one-off small run editions of both functional and sculptural ceramics. She has been creating in clay for 20 years now and is as passionate about making with now as when starting out at Art school.

With a true respect for handmade items and a nod to the Arts & Craft movement, Helen’s aim to convey these qualities through my artwork.

Helen thoroughly enjoys the designing and making process. To capture the making moment with functional ceramics, freeze it in time and then create more magical moments through use is a true pleasure. The sculptural pieces are more abstract; sharing ideas and thoughts.

Inspiration behind Helen’s work evolves over time depending upon her interests. Currently the ceramic houses are inspired by the current housing market dilemmas.

Experimentation is essential to Helen’s creative processes; sometimes she may throw and at other times hand-build. More recently Helen has been trialling different clay bodies and transferring painting effects onto clay.

All pieces are created in Helen’s garden studio in Southam, Warwickshire. Every piece has its own unique identification code and is signed. Functional tableware pieces are suitable for both microwave and dishwasher.

Helen will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Gracie Hinitt

Gracie is a Herefordshire based contemporary jeweller, working predominantly in silver, with some gold additions.

Gracie’s work takes influence from architectural structures mixed with organic shapes, clean lines and textured surfaces and uses inspiration from her love of collections and multiples of objects, exploring permutations of shapes to create new forms. Occasionally, letters and numbers are added to Gracie’s work stemming from her interest in graphic design and signwriting.

Gracie graduated from Hereford College of Arts with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Applied Arts in 2009 and she makes her jewellery in a small workshop at the bottom of my garden.

Gracie will be at the market on Sunday only

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Fi Tilbury

Fi’s work used to be about colour, fabric and textures but since she started working with silver and precious stones the necklaces have an element of this but her silver work is more toned down.

Fi’s inspiration comes from ancient art and what she tries to evoke is that just dug up – archeological dig esque look! More recently Fi has been making bangles but have been very interested in rings and setting stones in bezel settings.

Fi will be at the market on Saturday only.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Emma Hardicker

Emma is a printmaker and painter. She produces beautiful stylised designs, from her studio based in Birmingham. Living in the city she is inspired by both nature and architecture, and is always looking to create pattern and engaging artworks.

Either one off painting in oil or acrylic, or when silk-screen printing, by sketches her designs in ink, then uses traditional printing methods to produce eye-catching designs on paper and textiles. She has produced a fabric range to complement her hand printed limited editions. Along with paintings, cards and posters, all to make your home look beautiful.

Emma studied BA Textile Design, at Nottingham Trent University specialising in print, graduating in 2003. Over the years her work has been sold worldwide in galleries and shops such as Liberty of London, The V&A and John Lewis.

She has also produced commissioned work for many private clients, including well known institutions such as The RHS, Transport for London, The NHS, Cambridge University, Deans Court Chambers, and The Biohub.

Emma will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Danielle Flowers

Danielle was born in the rural, market town of Ludlow, Shropshire. Her keen love for woodland walks, has greatly inspired her connection with the natural elements. In turn, informing her three dimensional, material explorations throughout her studies at Ludlow College and Hereford College of Art and Design.

Flowers graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University, School of Art and Design in 2016 with a first class BA (hons) Artist, Designer, Maker, and since has set up as a young entrepreneur in the create industry.

Danielle handcrafts contemporary, wood turned home décor and jewellery, from the rural surrounds of Ludlow, using native timber sustainably felled in Shropshire. Juxtaposing the unique grains of British hardwoods, with raw silver, brass and leather to create timeless statement pieces.

Inspired by the primitive connections and relationship of material and process, encapsulating the transitional state of change between elemental materials; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water.

Flowers strives to create balance and harmony between material qualities and their aesthetic values. Engaging with the rhythmic and meditative process of woodturning, with the aim of preserving traditional craft processes and highlighting contemporary British craftsmanship.

Danielle will be at the market on Saturday only

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Clare Wainwright

Clare Wainwright has been working with glass for almost 20 years beginning at an Adult Education class she learnt the Tiffany method (copper foiled) stained glass work consisting of 4 stages, cutting, grinding, copper taping and soldering.

After spending many years honing this technique in her home studio and making panels of all sizes and designs, lampshades and mirrors she went on various courses to learn the art of glass fusing and she now also uses this knowledge to design and make a range of dichroic glass jewellery and small fused   glass pieces to add as inclusions in larger stained glass panels.

Following on from this she attended various courses in etching, painting on glass, transferring images onto glass and most recently screen printing with enamel.

Her work in small to medium sized decorative pieces holds a contemporary feel through the use of these techniques and also by adding inclusions such as shells, glass nuggets and other found items.

Clare also works as a  tutor  holding a variety of workshops at various locations and having regular stalls at Moseley Arts Market ,  mac and other local venues. She also undertakes a variety of commission work including panels and awards

Clare will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Clare Lloyd

Processed with MOLDIV

Clare lives and works in the market town of Frome in Somerset.  She loves to make beautiful things and for as long as Clare can remember, she has always made ‘stuff.’

Clare has always been completely obsessed with colour and she wanted a way to incorporate colour into my designs without using gemstones and so she started to experiment with polymer and resin clays. These versatile materials enable Clare to control the colours and create as many shades and tones she can think of.

Each element of Clare’s jewellery – from each individual bead to the sterling silver findings – is made entirerly by hand by Clare in her littled studio in the Silk Mill in Frome.

Each item is carefully and meticulously made and Clare’s aim is to make colourful, affordable and comfortable jewellery that is a pleasure to wear.  Clare tries to keep the shapes and styles of the jewellery simple; to allow the colour to become the focal point.

Clare absolutely loves to make jewellery and takes a complete pride in creating something beautiful and of exceptional quality.

Clare will be at the market on Saturday only.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Catherine Bowdler

Born at R.A.F Cosford, Catherine grew up in Worcestershire and now lives in The Black Country. She studied at Bournville College of Art and has a degree in Printed Textiles from Loughborough College of Art and Design and a P.G.C.E in Art and Design.

With a background in printed textiles Catherine has an affinity with pattern, composition and colour. Catherine produces striking designs inspired by the natural world, in particular featuring some of her favourite British birds. Now creating works on paper, Catherine is able to make affordable prints in low editions that compliment both modern and traditional interiors.

Catherine collects mid century vintage fabrics and this period of design has long been a reference point, but over the recent years the balance and ingenuity of Japanese textiles has really gripped Catherine’s imagination. These influences infuse a subtle flavour to the work. She hand prints her work in her 1950s English Rose kitchen.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Carice Green

Based in rural Worcestershire and inspired by the wildlife and landscape of home. Cariceprints creates beautiful, timeless pieces of useful and wearable art.

A winter walk through stubbly fields often results in armfuls of dried out seed heads. Think teasels, hogweed, grasses, poppy seeds, twigs and ferns…  some of the hedgerow pickings that inspire my designs.

Using traditional screen printing craftsmanship, Carice captures these images in graphic silhouettes. Printed boldly onto bamboo scarves, home textiles, fine bone china mugs and tableware.

Carice will be at the market on Sunday only

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Benedict Homer

Unique handmade natural wood sculpture

As a youth Ben helped raise funds for his local Young Farmers Club by picking cider apples and perry pears at the weekends from the ground to be processed. As it turned out he was really bad at this simple process as he became fascinated by how gnarly, knobbly and rotten the fruit were.

Today this fascination has inspired a series of unique sculptural apples and pears created taking advantage of natural growths and flaws in the wood.

Benedict will be at the market on Sunday only

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Becky Crawford

One of the main reasons for Becky creating her wire art work is to bring joy and a smile to people.

Becky loves drawing with wire and recreating scenarios that she comes across in my daily life with her daughter, pets and wildlife, as well as imaginary scenes.
Drawing with wire like a pen, Becky’s pieces often emerge straight from the wire. She enjoys making flowing shapes and patterns, echoing my love of pen drawing.

Many of her pieces are miniature; Becky always loved working tiny and including fine detail though she has made several larger commissions as well.

With a selection of pliers and her fingers Becky bends various wires including copper, brass and silver plated as well as incorporating painted paper, plastic cut from bottles, beads, wood, driftwood, papier mache and more. She loves mixing different materials together to bring texture, detail, depth and colour into her wire pieces.

Becky also makes artworks with collage, pen, ink, paint and pencil which help inspire her wire work.

Becky will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Andrew Byham

Andrew makes hand carved wooden bowls, spoons and stools.

He started whittling spoons and bowls simply for relaxation, switch off “me” time, looking for a creative escape in an increasingly digital world.

Design is driven by the materials and tools he uses. Andrew draws inspiration from a talented community of green woodworkers but spoons, bowls and kuksas must be primarily functional.

Wood is sourced through local conservation and land management projects Andrew is involved with; giving him access to the perfect materials -typically Rowan, Cherry, Birch and Beech green wood.

Andrew takes wood that’s destined for the bonfire and turn it into something useful and beautiful.

Andrew will be at the market on Saturday and Sunday.

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Amanda Ray

Inspired by the designs of the sixties and the Art Deco period, I make a colourful range of ceramic jewellery using the Japanese firing technique, Raku, a technique I practised and studied over two years (1993-1995) whilst working alongside potter John Bedding at St Ives Ceramics. Since setting up my own workshop, I have been designing and producing fulltime and, since 1995 have exhibited in around 50 galleries nationwide.

Prices for earrings and brooches range between £36 and £40, necklaces between £48 and £78.

Individually cutting out each piece, I carve my designs straight onto the clay. After a bisque firing of 1100 degrees, I brush on the glazes. It is my silver nitrate glaze recipe, mixed also with different pigments, that gives the jewellery its overall unique look.

After re-firing to 930 degrees, the work is put into wood-chippings, paper and damp sawdust are layered on, and flames transform the glazes creating lustrous surfaces contrasting with unglazed areas carbonised by the smoke. Cooled and polished, the pieces are assembled using hand-made silver fittings.

Amanda will be at the market on Saturday & Sunday

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Alix Almond

Nature and wildlife around Alix, especially feathered friends, inspire her to create contemporary linocuts and detailed drawings, focusing on the detail, pattern and texture that can be found within their feathers, fur and skin while engaging with the character of the creature.

Primarily a self-taught linocut printmaker, Alix makes a variety of single colour, multi-block and reduction linocut prints (a mixture of limited and open edition print runs) and aims to be as environmentally conscious as possible within the materials and processes she uses. She works from home and prints in her kitchen using a spoon as a brayer to transfer the image to paper, enjoying the close connection that printing with a spoon gives her to the images that she is creating.

She also enjoys blogging the process behind making her linocut prints and drawings which can be found on her website along with further images of her work and commissions she has undertaken. Alix also teaches linocut printmaking workshops around Warwickshire and is a founder member of Coventry Printmakers.

Alix will be at the market on Saturday only

Pianoscapes – Sunday afternoons at Elmslie House – Sunday 27th October at 3.00pm

We’re delighted to introduce to you a new Sunday afternoon concert – ‘Pianoscapes’  – the NEXT one is on Sunday 27th October 2019

An occasional Sunday afternoon concert series – ‘Pianoscapes’  – the NEXT one is on Sunday 27th October 2019

Pianist Chris Long’s concerts of ‘eclectic music for adventurous listeners’ are an informal hour of diverse music for piano/keyboards – a typical programme could include anything from the music of Purcell, Bach, Chopin and Debussy to Keith Jarrett, Herbie Hancock, Radiohead and beyond – the common denominator being that it’s all ‘soul food’ of the highest quality. Performed on Elmslie House’s wonderful Steinway Grand as well as Chris’s own keyboards and synths, the musical journey always includes improvisation, sometimes using loop-based and electronic textures. 

The music begins at 3pm; arrive early to partake in tea and excellent homemade (and palm-oil-free!) cake, courtesy of Paula.

“The beautiful piano work of Chris Long… took me on an imaginative and thought-provoking journey… lots to like, and some to be challenged by…the perfect way to spend an hour on a Sunday afternoon!” ‘What attention to detail… so enjoyed the afternoon”   [audience members]

Tickets £10; available from Malvern Tourist Information or from

Further details can be found at

The Art of Song – Saturday 2nd November at 7.30pm

We are delighted to be welcoming back some familiar faces to Elmslie who are taking to the stage and utilising our new Steinway Grand Piano to bring you:

To buy tickets, which are £12.00 each, please use the following link:

Doors will open at 7.00pm for the recital to begin promptly at 7.30pm

Maximum of 80 – unreserved seating.

Bar available championing local wines, cider and beer!

Mendelssohn – Siblings. A recital of Piano Solos and Songs by Helen Cawthorne & John Barker. Sunday 3rd November at 3.00pm

This recital features generous groups of Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel’s hugely attractive and compelling piano works interspersed with selections from among the better known and well-loved songs of her brother, Felix.

Fanny (b1805), Felix (b1809) and their brother and sister were born into the very prosperous and distinguished Mendelssohn family. Their grandfather, Moses, was a leading European intellectual as well as a highly successful businessman. Their father, Abraham, and his brothers founded an important international banking house. The children enjoyed a comfortable, privileged upbringing but it was demanding — roused at 5.30am for days rich with lessons from a remarkable assembly of private tutors, as well as plentiful physical exercise, including swimming, skating and hiking. Their home in Leipziger Strasse was an important centre of Berlin’s artistic and intellectual life, attracting the leading lights of the age and with an honoured place for musicians.

Both Fanny and Felix exhibited prodigious musical talent, with Fanny’s virtuosity as a pianist compared favourably to that of Felix, and both received every encouragement in their studies. While Abraham entertained some doubts over Felix pursuing a professional career he was quite quickly won over by endorsements of his son’s talents from figures such as Goethe and Moscheles, among many others. For Fanny, it was particularly her high social status that rendered a musical career unseemly and unacceptable to the family, rather than simple gender stereotyping, though her artist husband William Hensel was later notably supportive of her talents as both pianist and composer.

For him [Felix] music may become a profession. For you it has to remain a decoration. It can and should never be the be-all and end-all of your life. (extract from a letter of Abraham Mendelssohn to Fanny Mendelssohn quoted in ‘Gentle Genius — The Story of Felix Mendelssohn’ by George R. Marek)

Helen Cawthorne and John Barker gave a very successful recital at Elmslie House in June, having established a new home in Malvern within the past year. Details of their musical careers may be found at

Refreshments will be available in the interval – the recital will end at approximately 4.45pm.

Tickets are £12 and available through Malvern TIC, through Eventbrite HERE

or tickets will be available on the door at Elmslie on the day.

Doors will open at 2.30pm.

Keith James in concert at Elmslie House – The Songs of Leonard Cohen – Saturday 9th November.

Following a sell-out performance of The Songs of Nick Drake last year Emslie House are delighted to be welcoming back Keith James – bringing with him his take on these remarkable songs.

Enigmatic, mysterious and sub textural, songwriter Leonard Cohen was an unflinching character, with an exact sense of prose, wry humour and courage to wrestle with the unspoken, forgiving human frailty with the stroke of each line. 

The chilling announcement of Leonard’s passing marked the end of an era. His music befriended an entire generation. Within every line of his writing, he has been challenging us to listen more carefully, speak more thoughtfully, think more deeply and recognize our own fragility. A Man of Grace. Our World misses him very much!

With a lifetime reputation of performing in this exact way and an undying love of the ‘pure song’ Keith Jamesgives you a concert of Cohen’s amazing material in the most intimate and sensitive way imaginable, exposing the solitary inner strength of his greatest songs in their original perfect form. Keith has performed an extensive tour of this concert in Theatres and Arts Centres across the UK, giving over 450 concerts to well over 150,000 people. This has proved to be one of the greatest honours in Keith James’ 40 year career in music. Keith lives in Powys, Wales and Andalucia, Spain

Included in the concert are Cohen’s well known songs: Famous Blue Raincoat, Sisters of Mercy, Suzanne and Hallelujah alongside his rarer and profound writing such as Who by Fire, Joan of Arc and Secret Life. Also included are Keith’s dramatic and absorbing performances based on the work of Federico Garcia Lorca – Cohen’s greatest influence.

Keith has also transcribed into song one of Leonard’s poems from his collection ‘Book of longing’

‘Some of the most atmospheric and emotive music you will ever hear’ The Independent

‘Good work! Glad you are keeping Leonard’s songs alive’ Sylvie Simmons, Biographer – The Life of Leonard Cohen

‘Keith James has become a pillar of trust. A sublimely intimate and engaging voice’  Sunday Times

‘an elegant and beautifully crafted reinterpretation of a great Artist’s words’ BBC Radio Scotland

‘certainly the UK’s most celebrated and evocative interpreter of golden music’  The Guardian

‘All the tears of time are shed in a few brief lines’  Times Literary Supplement 

‘a sensitive and pleasingly understated delivery, all the better that the songs might speak for themselves’ Acoustic Magazine

Keith James’ website

Doors will open at 7.00pm for a 7.30pm start.

Unreserved seating – maximum of 80. Bar available. Tickets available HERE

or at Malvern Tourist Information Centre.

An Amarylli Christmas – Saturday 14th December at 7.30pm

Amarylli return to Elmslie House to perform a feast of carols and festive delights from the 15th and 16th century.

Featuring Hannah Grove, soprano and Elizabeth Pallett on lute, guitar, gittern and symphony.

Come and join us for some seasonal cheer and a glass of mulled wine as we revel in the spirit of Christmas.

Tickets are £12.50 to include a complimentary glass of mulled wine (or non-alcoholic alternative) and are available to buy online here:

Maximum of 80 – unreserved seating. Doors open at 7.00pm.

Please note the recital will last for approximately 60 minutes and the refreshments will be served afterwards as there will be NO INTERVAL.

NEW – Creative Dance Class for Parents and Under 5s

Thursdays 1.45 – 2.30      (during term time)

Through the use of props, songs, stories and themes, as well as different music genres and rhythms I playfully initiate movement exploration and games, seamlessly leading into dance.

I guide the children and their grown-ups through verbal instruction as well as vivid demonstration and participation.

Great bonding experience, social activity, as well as stimulating the children’s overall development.

£ 3.50 per session if paid per half term or £ 4.50 drop in. 

Enquiries and booking:  07577719280

Leila – Dance Artist 

Christmas Blue Magpie – Artist Profile: Aline Johnson

The next Blue Magpie Contemporary Craft Fair will be Saturday 16th November & Sunday 17th November. 10:30am-4:30pm daily.

Aline designs and produces bespoke statement chandeliers and lightening to commission. This new take on ambient lightening can be viewed as installation art suitable for public spaces and private residences.

Aline will be at the market on both Saturday & Sunday.

Emma Hardicker’s Malvern Cityscape – available exclusively at Elmslie House

 Malvern Cityscape  – a little bit of background . . .

Regular visitors to the House will recognize the work of Birmingham printmaker Emma Hardicker. She has been a stalwart at the Blue Magpie Craft Fairs and some of you may also remember that she was one of the featured artists whose work was shown in 2018 as part of the exhibition:  ‘A Fresh Start’.

As well as her floral designs, Emma produces Cityscapes – to date she has produced one of London, Birmingham, Manchester & Bristol and following the exhibition in April last year we thought – why not commission Emma to produce one of Malvern too?

Which is what we did . .

And this is the result many months later – 27 Landmarks and historic places of interest – including, Elmslie House of course – interwoven in a wonderfully designed graphic architectural jigsaw puzzle.

We hope you like the results!

We have a small number of Unframed copies available here at the House, both of the Giclée Print (the smaller black & white version with ‘Malvern’ underneath) and the Limited Edition copies (edition of 100), which are 50x70cm and handprinted in a lovely Slate Blue colour.

And if you’d like to check out Emma’s other Cityscapes, Malvern, as well as the other major cities Emma has completed to date can be found on her website –
‘Malvern’ – by Emma Hardicker
27 LandmarksSilkscreen printed by hand onto cotton based paper 285 gram.

Print Size 41 x 61cm

Paper size 50 x70cm

Limited Edition of 100 and signed.

£150 plus p&p

This hand printed edition contains some of Malvern’s most iconic landmarks and sights. There are 27 recognisable landmarks, placed together to create an illustrative, architectural pattern. Have fun trying to find them all, whilst enjoying the artwork.

Limited Edition comes with a handprinted sealed map locating all the 27 landmarks, if you really have to know where they all are, you can peek!

All prints will be subject to postage and packaging and sent flat with a courier.

Please allow up to 7 working days for delivery, please call 07789 470780 if you need it by a certain date.

Malvern Limited Edition Print

‘Malvern’£45 (plus small parcel £3.40)

This Giclee print contains some of Malvern’s most iconic landmarks and sights. There are 27 recognisable landmarks, placed together to create an illustrative, architectural pattern. Have fun trying to find them all! The work comes with a digital map showing where all the buildings are located.

A fantastic gift for residents or those who simply love architectural design. All designed and produced in the U.K.

Made from: Heavyweight white paper

Dimensions: Paper Size Width 40.5 cm x Height 62 cm


Malvern Giclee Print

Healing Sacred Sound Journeys at Elmslie House

“A truly wonderful experience – I am totally blown away”

Following the success of the previous Gong Baths & Sound Meditation sessions Antony and Angie have already run at Elmslie House, they are now looking to hold regular monthly sound journey meditations at Elmslie House in Malvern.

Here are the next dates:


Sunday 22nd July

Sunday 19th August

Sunday 23rd September

Sunday 21st October

Sunday 11th November

Sunday 9th December

“This is such a special venue to be surrounded with sacred sound!

Underfloor heating means you are warm and snug wrapped in your blankets. The wooden floor maximises the vibrations of the singing bowls and gongs , transporting you into delightful dreamscapes and inner journeys of tranquility”.

When Antony and Angie join forces at Elmslie House you will have the healing vibrations of 5 gongs – 3 gongs in front of you and 2 behind you, creating a truely surround sound experience ♥

We are so sure that you will love this sound journey and want to come again that we are offering those coming to Elmslie House for their first session half the usual price. Come along and try something new!

* Reduce stress & anxiety
* Reduce Chronic Pain
* Connect to your higher self and Angelic guides
* Help release stuck energy and blockages in the energy body
* Induces a deep state of relaxation
* Promotes restful sleep
* Promotes mindful living and heart connection
* Space for inner journeying and visualisation

All money payable in cash on the night but please mark yourself as ‘going’ on the Facebook event or message me to secure your space.
The room is large but we would still like to keep an eye on numbers attending.

What should I bring?

Please bring either a yoga mat or sleepping bag to lie on , a cushion or pillow for your head and a warm blanket to wrap yourself in during the meditation. If you have problems lying on the floor you are welcome to bring your own comfy chair or recliner to sit back in . Bring an extra cushion for your back or knees if you wish.

Just lie back and relax as we take you through a gentle meditation followed by an hour of sublime sound and vibrations.

* Due to the powerful vibrations of the gongs this session is not suitable for those with heart conditions or pacemakers , ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy or those suffering from acute mental illness. If in doubt please message us for more info.

Antony Blakmore :

Gong Practioner and follower of the Shamanic Path. Antony has 3 beautiful Paiste Gongs including two which are vibrationally aligned to the planets Venus and Mercury which work on the Heart and Throat Chakras.
FB page :

Angie Latham :

An Intuitive energy healer Angie plays the Gong , full chakra note sets of Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls , Shamanic Drum and other instruments for healing and self transformation.

* Due to the strong vibrations of the instruments this event is not suitable for those with heart problems or pace makers , severe mental illness , sound sensitive epilepsy or for ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy. If in doubt please message for more information and advice.

To reserve a space or for more info please contact Antony on 07890 582421




NEW – Pilates Rehabilitation, Thursdays at 11.30am

Pilates-therapy offers Pilates classes to all levels from beginner to advanced and specialist classes for Rehabilitation.

We have a new Rehabilitation class starting at Elmslie House on Thursday mornings.

These classes are taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist and are for people with a variety of injuries and health issues.

We have clients wanting to improve backpain, some who have had surgery such as knee or hip replacements, or some who are simply wanting to stay active and mobile as they age.

The classes are small, safe and effective.

If you would like more information, please contact Julie Ladd (Chartered Physiotherapist) direct on 07903 9019456 or look at the website

NEW – VeraFlow Classes – Thursdays at 7.00pm

Moving you to find your True Flow

What is VeraFlow?

Dance, stretch and find your true flow in this class like none other you have ever experienced.
VeraFlow is just what you need to feel completely relaxed and content. Find your true flow in body and mind as you stretch your body and train your mind to the rhythm of the music.

This is you time. Time out in your day to get a clear head, to get focused on the here and now and to get in control.

You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a full body massage, with your muscles strengthened yet relaxed and loose.

There is no need to live with pain in your body. Once you experience the release you find in VeraFlow you won’t look back.

Classes are run by Sarah Clarke. Here’s a little about Sarah:

Having danced all my life and then trained to a professional standard, dancing is all I know how to do and all I want to do!

I taught children and adult dance classes for many years including ballet, tap, street dance, lyrical, etc.

In recent years I have moved more into the fitness side of dance, I have been teaching Zumba for the past 6 years and Aqua Zumba for 3 years.

VeraFlow is something new and completely different to anything else around, plus this is the first class in the whole of Worcestershire!!

If you would like any more information please contact me on 07977 778635 or email

Core * Pilates * Strength * Balance Classes – Thursdays at 9.15

We are delighted to welcome instructor Wendy Green to Elmslie. Wendy says: “Being a local girl I’m very lucky to have always worked in the Malvern area I have been an Exercise to Music instructor for 28 years teaching a variety of Fitness Classes Having now started classes in the beautiful surroundings of Elmslie House my aim is to have small groups where you feel comfortable, at ease and able to interact. We incorporate the fundamentals of Core Pilates with a lovely fusion of Stretch and Balance. This fusion of elements helps promote wellbeing by improving core strength and posture through a series of low repetition, low impact stretching and conditioning exercises. The class will provide a complete body workout, helping your mind and body to work in harmony. You will leave the class feeling relaxed and a smile on your face”. Classes are held every Thursday morning at 9.15 (pre-booking is essential) For any information and to book a class call Wendy on 07790 101470

Yoga with Three Counties Yoga

Sue has been practising yoga for 26 years. Little did she know that attendance at a local yoga class because of a need for relaxation was going to lead quite so far! She has studied and continues to study with several schools of yoga, for example Iyengar, Viniyoga and most recently Sivananda, but has not settled with any particular tradition. She is currently concentrating on Mahamudra meditation within the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and is developing an interest in the healing yoga of that tradition. ? Sue has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years. She has concentrated mainly on setting up and teaching private mixed ability, adult classes but has very broad experience in teaching students of all ages, some on a one to one basis. She is committed to bringing yoga within the reach and understanding of all. Her specialisations include themed teaching and aspects of breathing, anatomy and physiology. Classes: Tuesdays ?13.30 – 14.30 Mixed Ability Yoga Wednesdays 11.00 – 12.15 Mixed Ability Yoga 18.30 – 19.45 Mixed Ability Yoga Contact details: Sue Hayles :07815 946362 ??Email Please visit to find out more

Chi Kung with Max Mainini

If you are looking to develop your sense of calmness and relaxation in an increasingly fast paced world, or to help keep your body and joints healthy, then chi kung is something you will enjoy.

What is it?
Roughly translated to ‘energy work’, practising Chi Kung enhances the flow of chi (vital energy) through the body. The exercises are often slow, gentle and flowing, and may take the form of static postures, slow movements and special walking exercises. These are often inspired by nature and help keep the body supple, invigorate and enhance body function and as well as helping to develop mental clarity and inner stillness.

Join a class….

Here on Mondays from 6.30-7.30pm



To book a place, please see

Chi Kung Malvern
or call Max on 07976239855

The classes are perfect for beginners and those with experience.

Classes with Carrie Kidman Beeson

Formerly an instructor with Fiesta Fit, Carrie has now branched out on her own and regularly teaches the following classes at Elmslie:

Fitness classes in Pilates, Latin Dance and interval training.

Ante and postnatal specialist but all ladies welcome.

Classes for men and couples coming soon!

Please contact Carrie to book a place on 07990658743 or

Somatics Basics of Movement Classes – Tuesdays 5.45pm

Sarah Stevens will be running her Somatics class to keep your moving more freely and painlessly.

What does one learn in a Somatics class/workshop?

Somatic education classes focus on your experience of your bodily senses. For example, “What do feel when you move that part of your body?” During each movement, you will bring attention to what it feels like to relax a muscle as well as which muscles are used in the movement. Keeping your attention on the sensations involved in the movement is a key component in gaining voluntary control over the sensory-motor system to more effectively engage and relax the muscles as necessary.

You will be coached to make all movements slow, engaging their complete attention in the movement. To help maintain focus, most movements are done lying on the floor to take out the need to use one’s attention to balance freeing the mind to focus its attention solely on the movement. This makes the class accessible for most levels of physical ability. If you have further questions whether this class is appropriate for your needs, please contact me.

Class sessions and workshops may vary in theme, but are designed to be part of a well-rounded curriculum when practiced on a regular basis.

The principles of Somatic Education are based on neuroscience and how the brain and muscles work together and offers gentle and easy exercises that are appropriate for all fitness levels and results in greater ease in movement.

For those unfamiliar with somatic education, other closely related modalities relying on similar principles include neuromuscular rehabilitation and the Thomas Hanna’s methods.

Appropriate for:

• Seniors with arthritis or chronic tension or stiffness
• Those recovering from injuries
• Athletes/dancers/fitness enthusiasts/musicians, etc. who depend
on fine-tuned physical movements
• Yoga or other mind-body movement practitioners/instructors
• Those interested in medication-free ways to prevent and alleviate pain,
chronic tension, and stiffness, or facilitate postural corrections.

Class notes:

Bring to class: yoga mat, blanket, or exercise pad to lie on and an open mind for learning.
Note: Most of the exercises will be done lying on the floor.

There are only 12 places on each date, to book your place please contact Sarah at or visit