Worcestershire Open Studios: Antony Bridge solo exhibition

We are delighted to announce that for this August’s late bank holiday weekend, (August 25th-27th inclusive) we will be showing the work of local En-plein Air Landscape Artist, Antony Bridge.

A formidable talent, and good friend, Antony paints Malvern & its surrounding landscapes. He is now also the official National Trust Artist in Resident aCroome Court, and so even if you don’t know his name – his work will be familiar to many who live in and around Malvern.

Antony lives in quiet part of Malvern, but is often found on the surrounding hills – in all weathers – often with his bicycle. He has been painting professionally for the last 15 years. His works are highly covetable and therefore it is of no surprise that his paintings have been collected across the world in Monaco, Sweden, South Africa, NZ and the USA.

Here’s what Antony says about himself:

I often think why do I want to paint, why am I stood in this field in the cold and the rain painting this view?

The answer to all these questions is quite simple: a love for nature, colour and light.

Painting brings me as close to these three things as I possibly can get. Starring at the view, noticing every colour, every shade, shapes and the changing light. Feeling the place with all my senses and noticing all the wildlife within it. I leave each painting location with a memory, that being a painting of time, from when i started to when I stopped.

Whereas a photo is a snap shot of a mili second, a painting holds a duration of time.

I hope in my work to portray my passion for colour, light and nature. To share this with all of my collectors and keep all noticing the love of the natural world we all live in”.

We will be running a tea-room all over the weekend, serving Home-made cakes and savouries as well as serving teas, coffees and other light refreshments and will be open daily from 9.00 – 6.00pm on Saturday 25th August until Monday 27th August inclusive.

Blue Magpie – Contemporary Craft Fair – Saturday July 14th & Sunday July 15th, 10.30 – 4.30 daily

Following the March event being cancelled due to the snow – I’m delighted to announce that The Blue Magpie Contemporary Craft Fair will be returning to Elmslie over the weekend of July 14th & 15th.
Historically this weekend in July, has for me, always been associated with Art in Action. Given that it won’t be running this year, I felt inspired to expand the fair to both days over that weekend, and (finger’s crossed) with rain being the only weather condition to potentially deal with, I thought we’d include some outside sculptures, to complement the ones we already own and which are in our garden, which is usually not open to the public. So now you can come and admire Hestia – our dragon – close up! And also see the work of Peter King and Claudia Petley of Metalsmiths, whose work also currently sits in our garden, but there will be more available besides to purchase!
With FREE ADMISSION we hope to continue in our mission to promote and support Designer-Makers from around the UK, and to bring to Elmslie – and to you –  the very best in Contemporary Art and Craft.
This time we have a total of 24 exhibitors in a mixture of both local makers and some from further afield, some new and some returning faces, but all with one thing in common – they all produce beautiful, original and wonderful work.
Please note – some makers will be here for both Saturday and Sunday – but like previous fairs, some makers will be swapping over – so that some are only exhibiting on Saturday, and others only on Sunday – so it’s the prefect excuse to pop in on both days!

As usual, the bar at Elmslie will be transferred into a cafe for the day, offering a selection of home-made cakes, savouries and light refreshments, teas and coffees throughout the day.

And here are the makers . . . ! Watch out as more will be added over the next few days – but first up is Worcester-based Mercedes Pearson, whose work I first came across last summer:

Mercedes Pearson

Artist / Designer

I trained as a Graphic Designer at West Thames College and worked in publishing for many years, designing a variety of magazines and highly illustrated books.

Working with text and images has inspired me to create my artworks. Using acrylics, coloured pencil and collage, each picture is interwoven with text from my favourite poems and stories. Last year I exhibited at The Hive, ‘Every picture tells a story’ as part of Beeline storytelling.

As part of ‘Portfolio 17’, I took part in Worcestershire Open Studios and hope to do so this year. I am involved in a number of design projects; designing booklets, fliers, a community magazine and logos for local organisations. Three years ago I designed the logo for The Worcester Show, an annual event held in Gheluvelt Park in August.

I am available for commissions. See more of Merecedes’ work at:



Angelina Jane

Angelina creates innovative geometric jewellery that connects together in playful interchangeable combinations with the use of strong earth magnets. These sculptural pieces are formed out of silver and resin, with the newest range made out of hand carved Epoxy clay and silver, most featuring bilateral coloured surfaces.

Her work evokes curiosity and creates an unique connection between the object and wearer by its versatility, encouraging interaction and a sense of play. Her colourful jewellery is inspired by narrative and memory, communicating through abstract interpretations of sound waves that are brought together to create bold interactive pieces.
Angelina works at the Hereford College of Arts as an art Lecturer since 2006. The concept behind her collection has been developed and refined over the last 5 years, and during the past 18 months has been realized into an exciting innovative body of work.
T : 07701065991

Rhian Wyman Design

Rhian is a young enthusiastic textile designer based in the Royal Forest of Dean. All products are designed, hand woven, darned, washed and tentered by Rhian herself, using traditional techniques throughout. Contemporary designs and colour placements are influenced by Rhian’s interpretation of surrounding environments that she finds inspiring. High quality yarn is sourced from the UK, creating truly British Luxury handmade products.

After graduating with a BA Hons Degree in Textile design, Rhian undertook a year of internships with several established designer makers. This lead to her becoming a weaving assistant for Sioni Rhys Handweavers. This journey helped her to gather techniques, skills and experiences enabling Rhian to design and develop her own brand of high quality woven goods.

Since starting her own product range in March 2017, Rhian has exhibited at Made by Hand, Wales at Cardiff City Hall, Solva Woollen Mill (Pembrokeshire) Christmas Fair 2017 and Made by Hand, at Cheltenham Town Hall.




Claudia Petley & Paul Shepherd

”everything is put through the fire and forged’ 

After twenty years of traditional blacksmithing, making gates and candlesticks, Claudia and Paul have recently followed their love of nature and the great outdoors. Their new direction has seen them produce a wide range of garden art.

Their interest in sculptural forms has led to the development of life size birds and animals. These pieces are formed out of beaten, forged and welded steel. They are then galvanised and etched and left to weather naturally.

Paul and Claudia work together to create expressive sculptures that perfectly capture the essence of the creature.


We have worked on a variety of commissions and bespoke pieces. You can order direct by phone, 01568 615151 or email or contact us to discuss ideas: enquiries@metalsmiths.co.uk.



Cut, Fold, Bind

Cut, Fold, Bind is a group of local artists who combine traditional and contemporary methods of bookbinding to create individual books, which can serve as sketchbooks, notebooks, diaries, travel journals etc or simply be kept as a work of art. These books make very special gifts for any occasion.


Tanith Rouse

My name is Tanith Rouse.  I live in Hereford and work from home transforming anodised aluminium into bright, colourful, wearable jewellery.

I trained at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, achieving a BA (Hons) in Silversmithing and Jewellery.  I love making jewellery from aluminium because it’s lightweight, versatile and above all, potentially colourful.

I hand dye, paint and print the aluminium and then seal the colour in so that it becomes a permanent part of the metal.  I’m inspired by bright colours and anything that glitters.  My love of the sea is also apparent in much of my work often playing on the colours of green and blue.

My facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/TanithRouseJewellery/

My Instagram page is https://www.instagram.com/tanithrousejewellery/?hl=en


Sarah Nicol

Ceramics & Textiles

Sarah Nicol is actually a textile designer with a BA (hons) in surface pattern from SCAT in Taunton 1996 and then an MA in textiles from Bath in 2008.

In 2009 she wandered into her partners pottery and asked if she could paint a pot or two. And their little business was born. She painted the design she had been making in her textiles. The mat slip and soft colours echoing the natural dyed linen and wools she favours in her pillows. The original collection was inspired by a two day train journey from LA to Seattle. She drew a 12 metre scroll as the countryside and flashed before her and those quickly noted shapes became simple folk art designs.

In 2016 she started to develop a new range. Fish. Working with fish is been a favourite since she was 12 and was taken on the snorkelling holiday in Kenya. A few years later her art A-level included a two term fish project this set a love of drawing fish into a lifelong passion. The first year of her MA it was dedicated drawing and embroidering fish so, although it came naturally to paint them on the pottery it is only now they are ready to be launched as a range.


Sharon Keeley

At 66 I have finally found a career I like! After years of working in many diverse jobs – teaching, secretarial, bar work and child care to name just a few, I went back to college to learn how to make silver jewellery and fused glass.

I love working with metal – particularly sawing – and I’m inspired by nature and animals.

Luckily, I live in beautiful Herefordshire and spend a lot of my time outdoors, gardening and walking.

Since Claire and I set up Silver Tree Studio, the learning process has continued,  as we experiment with new designs and try to fulfil (sometimes challenging!) commissions for our customers.

Claire Dingley

Having worked in newspapers for most of my life, I wanted a change of career after my daughter was born. I enrolled at Malvern School of Art on their Silversmithing course – something I had always wanted to do! Under the wonderful tuition of Belinda Gilbert, I discovered my passion for working with silver.

I have a love of circles and spirals, which I like to incorporate in my work. They have been used in art and jewellery since ancient times. I like the fact that although I am making new pieces, they have a connection with the past and that it is keeping the tradition of those designs alive – taking them into the future – just as a circle has no beginning and no end.

I also use textures, my favourite being a simple hammered effect, which makes the silver catch the light when it moves. I occasionally add semi precious stones and crystals to my designs but the silver, for me, is always the star of the piece.

I think that creativity flows most freely, when living in an inspirational landscape – I am so lucky to live in Malvern – the hills are amazing. They are different every time you walk on them, depending on the time of day or year and of course, the weather! Who could fail to be inspired by them?

Silver Tree Studio

We have been running Silver Tree Studio at the Fold in Bransford for almost three years now. As well as being our workshop, it is also a space where we display and sell not only our own work but the work of a diverse group of local designer makers.

Our motto is ‘beautiful, handmade, local’ and we aspire to only sell pieces that are all of those things!

All of our pieces are lovingly hand formed in our studio – you can see them being made and ask any questions you may have about the different processes used.

We are happy to undertake commissions and in fact have done over 300 since we opened for business!


Sasha Louise Rae

Textile Design

I live and work in the shadow of the beautiful Malvern Hills, a place which gives me constant inspiration.
I create bold and lively prints of birds and natural forms using simplified images to express character and movement.
You can find my website      @www.sashalouiserae.com
                      my Instagram   @sashalouiserae
                      my etsy store     SashaLouiseRaeDesign

Vanessa Miller

Vanessa Miller Jewellery

I’m an independent jewellery designer-maker based in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter. I am alumni of and Artist in Residence at the School of Jewellery, Birmingham. My collections are inspired by nature, the wonders of the world around me and happy, carefree childhood memories. With a smile in mind I design and handcraft unique contemporary, silver jewellery ranging from small charm necklaces and earrings, to larger detailed pendants, brooches and rings; some feature moving elements, others incorporate a small hidden detail. I hand-carve and model unique pieces of jewellery in milliput and cast in precious metals such as silver or gold. My creations are embellished with semi-precious gemstones and fused gold such as the ancient Korean technique of Keum Boo or I add small hand carved gold elements creating unique pieces of wearable jewellery. I sell online, through fairs and galleries locally and nationally; I also work to commission.


Jewels Williams


I am a porcelain potter.  I throw porcelain vessels enriched with oxides and slips that depict the coastlines of my childhood.  Inspiration comes from the merging of sea and sky, water and sand. Porcelain is demanding, it encourages intuition and integrity.  The combination of inspiration and material drive my work forward, resulting in constant subtle changes.  Each pot stands as an individual but it is the culmination of the pieces before that prevent it from being static and promote further development.

I throw porcelain vessels enriched with oxides and slips that explore my fascination with coastlines.  Inspiration comes from coastal divisions where the sea leaves traces on the sand in undulating ripples and from the ever changing line between sea and sky. 

I make individual pieces alongside groups and small installations. The forms are the landmarks of my childhood.  The material I use is versatile and beguiling and I enjoy every aspect of every process from inception to the final ceramic form.  




 Jane Hickman

Batik paintings

For more than 20 years Jane Hickman has been painting using the Batik technique.This process allows the artist/designer to control coloured dyes when painting on a woven material such as silk or fine cotton. Water based dyes are used in conjunction with hot liquid wax to determine where colours appear in the painting.

In 1986 she set up her studio in the Herefordshire countryside. Since that time she has developed her work and sells through Galleries,Craft Shows and Flower Shows. If you look through the following web pages you will see that her main subject is flowers. Her interest in Flower painting is reflected in her love of gardening.

In the beginning, she sold only original Batik paintings but over the past 20 years she has published a range of greetings cards and a separate range of prints. Her latest venture has involved having her designs printed onto silk, velvet and wool fabric to produce an extensive range of scarves.



Stephanie Bates

Stephanie has a strong focus on clean lines, known for her bold, geometric style, with a sensitive approach to detail from the start to finish of each piece that she creates:

“Inspired by architecture and continuous state through destruction and development, Stephanie’s designs have developed through a process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction. Attracted to the linear frameworks that create space and pattern, coupled with a fondness for Mathematics, Stephanie’s collections have evolved to create large-scale wearable art structures, and her luxury fine-fashion collections, including her ‘Kite’ series”

Made by hand from her UK based studio, attention to detail and a careful finish are essential in showcasing the bold Geometry and clean lines of every piece created.

0750 660 7251 |stephaniebatesjewellery@gmail.com|www.stephaniebatesdesign.com


Gabi & Nick Ward


Nick and Gabi Ward are designer makers of handmade ceramics. Nick studied Studio Pottery at Harrow School of Art. Gabi studied Textiles and Ceramics at West Surrey College of Art and Design, Farnham. They went on to design and create work for the international interiors market. In recent years they have returned to their craft origins and are selling their work through galleries. Their current work includes thrown, decorated earthenware using figurative and abstract images inspired by natural form. By using the hand drawn technique of sgraffito and painting the pots with stained slips they achieve a contemporary finish.

They work together in their stone barn in rural Herefordshire




Danielle Flowers
Contemporary Craft

Artist Bio

Danielle was born in the rural, market town of Ludlow, Shropshire. Her keen love for woodland walks, has greatly inspired her connection with the natural elements. In turn, informing her three dimensional, material explorations throughout her studies at Ludlow College and Hereford College of Art and Design. Flowers graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University, School of Art and Design in 2016 with a first class BA (hons) Artist, Designer, Maker, and since has set up as a young entrepreneur in the create industry.
Danielle handcrafts contemporary, wood turned home décor and jewellery, from the rural surrounds of Ludlow, using native timber sustainably felled in Shropshire. Juxtaposing the unique grains of British hardwoods, with raw silver, brass and leather to create timeless statement pieces.

Inspired by the primitive connections and relationship of material and process, encapsulating the transitional state of change between elemental materials; Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water. Flowers strives to create balance and harmony between material qualities and their aesthetic values. Engaging with the rhythmic and meditative process of woodturning, with the aim of preserving traditional craft processes and highlighting contemporary British craftsmanship.

Web:  www.dflowersmaker.co.uk
Email: dflowersmaker@gmail.com
Telephone: 07854818414
Facebook: @dflowersmaker
Instagram: @danielle.flowers_maker

Commissions Welcome


Jill Pargeter

Printed Textiles and Gifts

My work is inspired by folk art and the Arts & Crafts movement and it combines my love of history, nature and poetic verse.

I produce hand drawn designs which are then screen printed onto fabrics and board to produce a range of decorative objects for the home – each piece is made by my own hands from original designs, to printing, stitching and finishing.

I have been working as a print maker and designer for over 30 years after studying printed textiles at Manchester Polytechnic, working in a textile design studio in London and then running my own greetings card and gift wrap design business. I now enjoy creating objects which satisfy and amuse me and I hope that you like them too.



Julia Foggin

Now a Shropshire based jeweller, I initially trained as a Graphic Designer, obtaining my degree at the University of Central Lancashire. After working in the industry for several years, I left to travel around Australia and then worked as a Marketing Administrator. During this time, I completed various local evening classes to discover my creative interest lay in Silversmithing.

Silversmithing is my passion, it’s in my blood! I love manipulating metal like my blacksmith ancestors before me; beating silver wire into organic shapes, such as stylised daisies and simplified butterflies, to create my distinctive hammered jewellery. My work includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings, sometimes wrought entirely from silver or often combined with freshwater pearls, using the irregular characteristics of the stones to compliment my unique style. My hand-knotted pearl necklaces and bracelets feature my original toggle fastenings which are a distinguishing characteristic of my jewellery.

My passion for jewellery design, recently led me to establish a business called ‘MIST Jewellery’ (inspired by the nickname ‘Misty’ which I acquired in the Australian outback). When I relocated from Lancaster last year, I fulfilled my dreams to become a full-time jeweller with a workshop and gallery in the idyllic Ironbridge Gorge.

Email – julia@mistjewellery.co.uk
Telephone – 01952 885771
Mobile – 07763 476696
Shop – https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MISTJewellery



Heather Ashworth

Heather Ashworth set up Skipp and Jones, which is a surface pattern design company that specialises in interior product and giftware, in 2017. Heather followed a degree in textile design by working as a surface pattern designer producing designs for both private and commercial customers, from small one-off designs to rug designs that have sold in leading retail stores throughout the UK.

Heather has very broad interests and many things motivate her to design, from the ever-changing seasons in her garden to fabulous architecture and engineering. Many subjects enthral her and the designs for Skipp and Jones reflect this. Heather’s fascination with the brilliants of both natural and manmade structures inform her design work and keeps her work fresh and inspired.

As well as producing products for retail, Heather also provides a bespoke design service, working with both Interior Designers and directly with customers to create exclusive designs to complement their rooms schemes and homes. These designs give a unique twist to a room designs and can be a colour change to the design she already produces or a completely original design created to the customer’s requirements and printed onto fabric or wallpaper.

It is very important to Heather that everything that she sells is printed and manufactured in Britain. As her suppliers are close at hand she can make any adjustments easily and quickly; for instance, Skipp and Jones’ cushions are manufactured in Birmingham, which is only half an hour from the studio.


Rhys Partridge

Born in Herefordshire, Rhys has always had an interest in the creative arts. The main focus of his work is to create something that describes his environment. He has a specific interest in surface and texture and tries to mimic what he sees in his surroundings in his paintings and drawings. He also has an interest in printmaking and has taken a new venture into the linocut process looking primarily at british wildlife.










Peter King

Peter King creates Bold and Dreamy sculpture from his studio in Herefordshire. His passions include art, travel and nature. He designs and makes both abstract and botanical inspired sculpture. He moved from his native Yorkshire to train at Hereford College in the 1990s before continuing his training with a renowned blacksmith in the Brecon Beacons. After setting up his workshop at Wharton Court near Leominster in 1998 he has developed his unique style, incorporating both traditional and modern techniques, along with his own imagination and artistic flair. His work adorns many beautiful gardens at home and abroad and features in R.H.S. show gardens. Peter has spent time as “Artist in Residence” at “Artspace India” in Kolkata.


Tom Asquith

Graduating from the university of Wolverhampton in 2009 with a BA In 3D design and applied arts Tom Asquith went on to undertake a year long postgraduate programme at the prestigious Bishopsland workshops just outside reading.  It was here that he built on and developed on the techniques he learnt at university through the help of technicians and tutors and took part in masterclasses with some the country’s finest silversmiths and jewellers including Rod Kelly, Malcolm Appleby and Jacqueline Mina.  After leaving the Bishopsland workshop in 2011 Tom then moved to Birmingham where he set up his workshop in Birminghams historical jewellery quarter where he still works today.

Drawing inspiration from large spectrum of subjects including cell structures, historical military emblems, regalia and architectural forms that have both gothic and Celtic influences, Tom produces award winning ranges of functional silverware and jewellery that explores pattern, line, repetition and geometry executed with precision and attention to detail. By exploring the application of surface decoration Tom hand makes each piece in his jewellery quarter workshop using a variety of techniques such as engraving, saw piercing and chasing adding gemstones and plating to create subtle hints of colour and create focal points for the eye.


Colin Poulton

After studying furniture and product design I left university and at 22 began working as a designer and maker in the middle of a recession from the cellar of a derelict house in Birmingham.

I began by making rattan furniture and doing some product design work and after a few years had a small workshop with some basic equipment.

In the early years I made a range of furniture and accessories but the clocks attracted most attention and gradually I developed a number of successful designs which were sold to leading galleries and stores in the U.K, Europe, Japan and America. We continued production with a small workforce for over 30 years until last year when my wife and I decided to ‘downsize’ and move to the country.

I now work from a small workshop and continue to design and make clocks on a small scale for sale direct to the public. When you buy a clock you will look at it thousands of times each year and so I aim to produce work that is well considered, well made and with a timeless quality that will continue to appeal.



Marion Steele

I have always had an interest in fabrics, threads and paint and have developed a love of art in its widest sense.

Over the years I have dabbled and experimented with many skills and techniques in both paint and textiles. I love the effect paint has on canvas and paper. Likewise I use similar approaches to textiles where I use threads, fabrics and yarns to cover a background like brushstrokes of paint.

I experiment with colour, shape, texture, mixed media and composition to create my pieces of work. I use a variety of recycles fabrics, wool and yarn in my work and find inspiration from nature, landscapes and seascapes.


Daisy Lee Overton

Since graduating from The School of Jewellery at Birmingham City University, Daisy has set up her studio in the heart of Sheffield city centre keeping close to The Peak District where she grew up. The rolling hills of the Peaks with their soft curves and expansive greenery inspire Daisy’s collection of ‘Springtime Florets’ Motivated by her love of contrast and combination she uses a number of metal working processes; fold forming, etching, hammerin g techniques and casting , to create fluid linear works which sit across the con tours of the body as beautiful contemporary jewellery pieces. ‘ I continue to look for ways in which I can develop my work, through visual inspiration from the ever changing contrasts of the world around me and via exploration of different metal working processes.’

Working primarily with silver, Daisy creates these beautifully stylish pieces which are perfect as gifts to commemorate significant milestones such as birthdays, graduations, weddings or even just perfect to treat yourself .

Daisy also works on repairs and bespoke commission pieces and welcomes any enquiries you may have.

Please do contact Daisy on : Tel: 07495 931 839 Email: daisyleeoverton@outlook.com Website: www.daisyleejewels.com

Dom Pipkin – Saturday 23rd June

“The UK’s best-kept piano secret”

Piano from London, soul from New Orleans.

With a change of tempo, we’re delighted to announce that Dom Pipkin is returning to play the Bechstein at Elmslie!

Dom is a celebrated jazz pianist – and a New Orleans Jazz Professor! So as well as simply breath-taking playing, you can look forward to hearing insights of what it is to play there, aswell as the history of the Jazz legends that have come out of New Orleans.

“The best New Orleans band never to come from Louisiana” – Rocking Magpie.

“Lighting up the British RnB scene” – Paul Jones BBC2

“I can’t hold a candle to this guy…” Jamie Cullum.

“…a highly impressive pianist…Fans of Diz Watson, Jon Cleary and Dr John, as well as their late predecessors, should keep an eye out for this band.” Jon Taylor – “Blues In Britain”


Tickets are available here (below, via Pay-pal) or if you are passing the house, we always have tickets here too, so do please call in!

Alternatively tickets for all music performances are available via Malvern TIC and Carnival Records, both on Church Street, Great Malvern and also online and direct to your mobile phones via www.eventbrite.co.uk

Get your tickets early and qualify for the Advance price of £10.00 – or wait and buy on the door on the night for  £12.00.

NB – for tickets bought via Pay-pal, to save on postage costs, we keep all tickets here to be collected on the door on the night. The seating (maximum capacity is 80) is unreserved so the doors will open half an hour before the performance starts so that you can select your seats and if you so wish, have a drink at the Bar!

Usual running times: Doors open at 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start.

There is usually an interval after 45mins so that the performance finish around 10.00pm.

Dom Pipkin tickets

Vocalise – Sunday 1st July @ 3.00pm


Sunday 1st July 2018, 3.00pm

Elmslie House, 8 Avenue Road, Great Malvern, WR14 3AG

Flute – Nicola Shorland

Piano – Tim Sidford

£10 adults, £5 children

Two local musicians, familiar to Elmslie House concert goers, return for a summer afternoon’s concert.

The drama and lyricism of song in music for flute and piano.

Our programme will include arias, laments and ballades by Rachmaninoff, Mozart and Mendelssohn.

Tickets are available here (below, via Pay-pal) or if you are passing the house, we always have tickets here too, so do please call in!

Alternatively tickets for all music performances are available via Malvern TIC (Tourist Information Centre) and Carnival Records, both on Church Street, Great Malvern and also online and direct to your mobile phones via www.eventbrite.co.uk

NB – for tickets bought via Pay-pal, to save on postage costs, we keep all tickets here to be collected on the door on the night. The seating (maximum capacity is 80) is unreserved so the doors will open half an hour before the performance starts so that you can select your seats and if you so wish, have a drink at the Bar (Limited bar available – championing local beers, cider and soft refreshments).

Hope to see you then!

Vocalise tickets

Deborah Rose and Mari Randle – Saturday 7th July

Harmony and haunting melody weave together in the voices of Deborah Rose and Mari Randle, a sound created by guitars with a strong sense of story and magic.

Making a welcome return to Elmslie House, they are “a unique duo not to be missed” Radio 2

In the meantime, here’s some info on these two lovely ladies:

The collaboration began in February 2015 drawn together by their interesting contrast of tone and harmonic lean. They debuted together on Deborah’s second album “Wilde Wood,” featuring Mari’s musical family “The O’ Farrell’s Frolicks” and Americana trio “Grey Wolf, a meld of rhythm and joy.

Deborah and Mari toured extensively giving birth to new songs and recordings, which brings into focus Mari’s soul/rock/blues colours with Deborah’s etherea. The songs chronicle the interconnectedness of their experiences, their mutual love of nature, landscapes, and spiritual musings on the cycles of life, birth and rebirth. Theirs is a rare and timeless sound reminiscent of Kate and Anna McArrigle, the duo create powerful and original songs, performed with energy and beauty that transcends musical genres.

Deborah Rose has sung in the company of Ralph Mctell, Judy Collins, Fairport Convention and Jimmy Webb. She has performed on Terry Wogan’s Radio 2 for the 50th anniversary of late singer Eva Cassidy. Her first album, “Song be My Soul” is a collection of words set to music from Rossetti to Blake and features a Welsh Male Voice Choir.

Mari Randle is lead singer and writer in alternative rock group Vault of Eagles and family folk band The O’ Farrells Frolicks. She is a self-taught musician and writer, exploring any means of self-expression including poetic writing as well as lyrical and vocal experimentation, working very much from the soul as opposed to the head. The music of Vault Of Eagles is powerful, visceral, angular and exposed.  The band have earned the respect of musicians and critics alike over the past four years, touring venues and festivals over the UK and Europe.

Deborah and Mari’s new album is co-produced by Maartin Allcock in Harlech, Wales, who has worked with Yusuf Stevens, Beth Neilsen Chapman, and Beverly Craven. He has also worked extensively with Jethro Tull and Fairport Convention.

Tickets are available here (below, via Pay-pal) or if you are passing the house, we always have tickets here too, so do please call in!

Alternatively tickets for all music performances are available via Malvern TIC (Tourist Information Centre) and Carnival Records, both on Church Street, Great Malvern and also online and direct to your mobile phones via www.eventbrite.co.uk

NB – for tickets bought via Pay-pal, to save on postage costs, we keep all tickets here to be collected on the door on the night. The seating (maximum capacity is 80) is unreserved so the doors will open half an hour before the performance starts so that you can select your seats and if you so wish, have a drink at the Bar (Limited bar available – championing local beers, cider and soft refreshments).

Usual running times are that the doors open at 7.30pm for an 8.00pm start. There is usually an interval after 45mins so that the performance will finish around 10.00pm.

Hope to see you then!

Deborah/Mari tickets

Photograph – courtesy of Lorraine Poole Photography

Healing Sacred Sound Journeys at Elmslie House

“A truly wonderful experience – I am totally blown away”

Following the success of the previous Gong Baths & Sound Meditation sessions Antony and Angie have already run at Elmslie House, they are now looking to hold regular monthly sound journey meditations at Elmslie House in Malvern.

Here are the next dates:


Sunday 22nd July

Sunday 19th August

Sunday 23rd September

Sunday 21st October

Sunday 11th November

Sunday 9th December

“This is such a special venue to be surrounded with sacred sound!

Underfloor heating means you are warm and snug wrapped in your blankets. The wooden floor maximises the vibrations of the singing bowls and gongs , transporting you into delightful dreamscapes and inner journeys of tranquility”.

When Antony and Angie join forces at Elmslie House you will have the healing vibrations of 5 gongs – 3 gongs in front of you and 2 behind you, creating a truely surround sound experience ♥

We are so sure that you will love this sound journey and want to come again that we are offering those coming to Elmslie House for their first session half the usual price. Come along and try something new!

* Reduce stress & anxiety
* Reduce Chronic Pain
* Connect to your higher self and Angelic guides
* Help release stuck energy and blockages in the energy body
* Induces a deep state of relaxation
* Promotes restful sleep
* Promotes mindful living and heart connection
* Space for inner journeying and visualisation

All money payable in cash on the night but please mark yourself as ‘going’ on the Facebook event or message me to secure your space.
The room is large but we would still like to keep an eye on numbers attending.

What should I bring?

Please bring either a yoga mat or sleepping bag to lie on , a cushion or pillow for your head and a warm blanket to wrap yourself in during the meditation. If you have problems lying on the floor you are welcome to bring your own comfy chair or recliner to sit back in . Bring an extra cushion for your back or knees if you wish.

Just lie back and relax as we take you through a gentle meditation followed by an hour of sublime sound and vibrations.

* Due to the powerful vibrations of the gongs this session is not suitable for those with heart conditions or pacemakers , ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy or those suffering from acute mental illness. If in doubt please message us for more info.

Antony Blakmore :

Gong Practioner and follower of the Shamanic Path. Antony has 3 beautiful Paiste Gongs including two which are vibrationally aligned to the planets Venus and Mercury which work on the Heart and Throat Chakras.
FB page : https://www.facebook.com/thespiritsong/

Angie Latham :

An Intuitive energy healer Angie plays the Gong , full chakra note sets of Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls , Shamanic Drum and other instruments for healing and self transformation.

* Due to the strong vibrations of the instruments this event is not suitable for those with heart problems or pace makers , severe mental illness , sound sensitive epilepsy or for ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy. If in doubt please message for more information and advice.

To reserve a space or for more info please contact Antony on 07890 582421





NEW – Pilates Rehabilitation, Thursdays at 11.30am

Pilates-therapy offers Pilates classes to all levels from beginner to advanced and specialist classes for Rehabilitation.

We have a new Rehabilitation class starting at Elmslie House on Thursday mornings.

These classes are taught by a Chartered Physiotherapist and are for people with a variety of injuries and health issues.

We have clients wanting to improve backpain, some who have had surgery such as knee or hip replacements, or some who are simply wanting to stay active and mobile as they age.

The classes are small, safe and effective.

If you would like more information, please contact Julie Ladd (Chartered Physiotherapist) direct on 07903 9019456 or look at the website www.pilates-therapy.com

Designer-Maker Craft Market


Saturday 21st November, 11.00 – 5.00pm

Join Sue Bibby (embroidery), Guy Butcher (furniture), Sharon Curtis (printmaker & hand-cut paper), Ruth Green (screen prints, gifts) Emma Hardicker (limited edition prints, fabric), Sarah Pinnell(fretwork), Geraldine Poole (textile artist), Josie Seymour-Jones (ceramics), Julia Smith (jewellery), Metalsmiths Claudia Petley & Paul Shepherd, Rae Stevens (art & illustration), Sarah Walker (lampshades) and more for an opportunity for a pre-Christmas purchase.

(NB – for those of you who have been asking about where to buy the prints that are in our WC – Emma Hardicker is the lovely lady who designs and prints these and I’m delighted to say that she is one of the makers who will be here selling work).

Make the most of your visit with tea, coffee and home-made cakes and seasonal goodies available throughout the day.

All of that – and its FREE ENTRY!

There is a wealth of creative talent, locally and nationally – and this is just the beginning – next year we are hoping to offer monthly Designer-Maker Craft Markets at Elmslie.

‘Blue Magpie’ is my enterprise to Promote Designer Makers – look out for the logo for future events!

NEW – VeraFlow Classes – Thursdays at 7.00pm

Moving you to find your True Flow

What is VeraFlow?

Dance, stretch and find your true flow in this class like none other you have ever experienced.
VeraFlow is just what you need to feel completely relaxed and content. Find your true flow in body and mind as you stretch your body and train your mind to the rhythm of the music.

This is you time. Time out in your day to get a clear head, to get focused on the here and now and to get in control.

You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a full body massage, with your muscles strengthened yet relaxed and loose.

There is no need to live with pain in your body. Once you experience the release you find in VeraFlow you won’t look back.

Classes are run by Sarah Clarke. Here’s a little about Sarah:

Having danced all my life and then trained to a professional standard, dancing is all I know how to do and all I want to do!

I taught children and adult dance classes for many years including ballet, tap, street dance, lyrical, etc.

In recent years I have moved more into the fitness side of dance, I have been teaching Zumba for the past 6 years and Aqua Zumba for 3 years.

VeraFlow is something new and completely different to anything else around, plus this is the first class in the whole of Worcestershire!!

If you would like any more information please contact me on 07977 778635 or email rootsofrhythm@yahoo.com

Core * Pilates * Strength * Balance Classes – Thursdays at 9.15

We are delighted to welcome instructor Wendy Green to Elmslie. Wendy says: “Being a local girl I’m very lucky to have always worked in the Malvern area I have been an Exercise to Music instructor for 28 years teaching a variety of Fitness Classes Having now started classes in the beautiful surroundings of Elmslie House my aim is to have small groups where you feel comfortable, at ease and able to interact. We incorporate the fundamentals of Core Pilates with a lovely fusion of Stretch and Balance. This fusion of elements helps promote wellbeing by improving core strength and posture through a series of low repetition, low impact stretching and conditioning exercises. The class will provide a complete body workout, helping your mind and body to work in harmony. You will leave the class feeling relaxed and a smile on your face”. Classes are held every Thursday morning at 9.15 (pre-booking is essential) For any information and to book a class call Wendy on 07790 101470

SongS P A C E… with Julia Palmer-Price (Fridays 11.00 – 12.00)

SongS P A C E…

A class for singers of all ages and abilities to come and find, explore, re-discover and develop their unique voice; through seasonal sing-a-long songs, chants, hymns, hums and perhaps a lullaby or three, in the awesome acoustic of the concert hall; with songstress Julia who believes everybody can sing!

…is A C E! Guaranteed to put a smile on yer face.

FRIDAYS 11am till 12noon
@ E l m s l i e House ~ £5
Contact Julia 07807 287095

Songstress Julia Palmer-Price (alias Ju-la-la) professional cellist, pianist, composer and teacher, came to Malvern after playing Jimi Hendrix with Nigel Kennedy in 1999, the pinnacle of a colourful career. A former resident at 8 Avenue Road, The (then) Grove (2000-2013), Julia and her late-husband Philip often opened their house as a Performance Arts venue and Julia conceived her Cello’ScooL, which, now 16 strong, regularly returns to perform at Elmslie House.

Julia has been singing since the cradle and welcomes All to enjoy SongS P A C E. Intended as a tonic! Classes begin by connecting with the breath adding gentle movements designed to get energy flowing; then, after tuning in with carefully chosen chants, Sol-fa (so good!) is introduced to train the inner ear, refine listening and pitch control; have fun learning well or little known, fave tunes, old and new, with some of Julia’s own compositions thrown in for good measure; till relaxing maybe with a meditation to finish.

As long as we live, there is never enough singing. ~ Martin Luther

Yoga with Three Counties Yoga

Sue has been practising yoga for 26 years. Little did she know that attendance at a local yoga class because of a need for relaxation was going to lead quite so far! She has studied and continues to study with several schools of yoga, for example Iyengar, Viniyoga and most recently Sivananda, but has not settled with any particular tradition. She is currently concentrating on Mahamudra meditation within the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition and is developing an interest in the healing yoga of that tradition. ? Sue has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years. She has concentrated mainly on setting up and teaching private mixed ability, adult classes but has very broad experience in teaching students of all ages, some on a one to one basis. She is committed to bringing yoga within the reach and understanding of all. Her specialisations include themed teaching and aspects of breathing, anatomy and physiology. Classes: Tuesdays ?13.30 – 14.30 Mixed Ability Yoga Wednesdays 11.00 – 12.15 Mixed Ability Yoga 18.30 – 19.45 Mixed Ability Yoga Contact details: Sue Hayles :07815 946362 ??Email :sue@threecountiesyoga.co.uk Please visit www.threecountiesyoga.co.uk to find out more

Chi Kung with Max Mainini

If you are looking to develop your sense of calmness and relaxation in an increasingly fast paced world, or to help keep your body and joints healthy, then chi kung is something you will enjoy.

What is it?
Roughly translated to ‘energy work’, practising Chi Kung enhances the flow of chi (vital energy) through the body. The exercises are often slow, gentle and flowing, and may take the form of static postures, slow movements and special walking exercises. These are often inspired by nature and help keep the body supple, invigorate and enhance body function and as well as helping to develop mental clarity and inner stillness.

Join a class….

Here on Mondays from 6.30-7.30pm



To book a place, please see

Chi Kung Malvern
or call Max on 07976239855

The classes are perfect for beginners and those with experience.

Classes with Carrie Kidman Beeson

Formerly an instructor with Fiesta Fit, Carrie has now branched out on her own and regularly teaches the following classes at Elmslie:

Fitness classes in Pilates, Latin Dance and interval training.

Ante and postnatal specialist but all ladies welcome.

Classes for men and couples coming soon!

Please contact Carrie to book a place on 07990658743 or carriebolton2005@yahoo.co.uk

Somatics Basics of Movement Classes – Tuesdays 5.45pm

Sarah Stevens will be running her Somatics class to keep your moving more freely and painlessly.

What does one learn in a Somatics class/workshop?

Somatic education classes focus on your experience of your bodily senses. For example, “What do feel when you move that part of your body?” During each movement, you will bring attention to what it feels like to relax a muscle as well as which muscles are used in the movement. Keeping your attention on the sensations involved in the movement is a key component in gaining voluntary control over the sensory-motor system to more effectively engage and relax the muscles as necessary.

You will be coached to make all movements slow, engaging their complete attention in the movement. To help maintain focus, most movements are done lying on the floor to take out the need to use one’s attention to balance freeing the mind to focus its attention solely on the movement. This makes the class accessible for most levels of physical ability. If you have further questions whether this class is appropriate for your needs, please contact me.

Class sessions and workshops may vary in theme, but are designed to be part of a well-rounded curriculum when practiced on a regular basis.

The principles of Somatic Education are based on neuroscience and how the brain and muscles work together and offers gentle and easy exercises that are appropriate for all fitness levels and results in greater ease in movement.

For those unfamiliar with somatic education, other closely related modalities relying on similar principles include neuromuscular rehabilitation and the Thomas Hanna’s methods.

Appropriate for:

• Seniors with arthritis or chronic tension or stiffness
• Those recovering from injuries
• Athletes/dancers/fitness enthusiasts/musicians, etc. who depend
on fine-tuned physical movements
• Yoga or other mind-body movement practitioners/instructors
• Those interested in medication-free ways to prevent and alleviate pain,
chronic tension, and stiffness, or facilitate postural corrections.

Class notes:

Bring to class: yoga mat, blanket, or exercise pad to lie on and an open mind for learning.
Note: Most of the exercises will be done lying on the floor.

There are only 12 places on each date, to book your place please contact Sarah at sarahstevens69@hotmail.com or visit www.sarahstevenstherapies.co.uk