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Following the success of last year’s inaugural MCC Coffee Concert, we are delighted to be welcoming them back again this April for a recital by Harpist Elizabeth Bass, whose programme will include works by D Scarlatti, Jean Cras, Hindemith, Albéniz, Andy

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Words & music from The Very Grimm Brothers Adrian Mealing + John Denton (gtr)  –  the only thing that cheers them up is you. You’re invited to their enchanted forest and encounters with direct action, that side gate, that sharp exit, gingerbread, the poetry of platforms,

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Described by Roots Music Canada as “The Pink Floyd of Folk Music” the Red Dirt Skinners are the multi-award winning, multi-instrumentalist husband and wife team of Rob and Sarah Skinner. The first act in history to achieve accolades at both

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The Kings String Quartet was formed from principal members of the Worcestershire Symphony Orchestra in 2006. Since then the group has played at numerous events and venues across the West Midlands and beyond and established itself as one of the

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Tyler Massey Trio are thrilled about returning to Elmslie House for the launch of the new EP “All The Pretty Lights”. Produced in Malvern by bassist Alex Knight and TM, this versatile new studio record features compelling, fully realised arrangements