Healing Sacred Sound Journeys at Elmslie House

“A truly wonderful experience – I am totally blown away”

Following the success of the previous Gong Baths & Sound Meditation sessions Antony and Angie have already run at Elmslie House, they are now looking to hold regular monthly sound journey meditations at Elmslie House in Malvern.

Here are the next dates:

12th Jan
16th Feb
8th March
19th April
10th May
14th June
19th July
16th August
14th Sept
11th Oct
15th Nov
13th December

7pm- 9pm

“This is such a special venue to be surrounded with sacred sound!

Underfloor heating means you are warm and snug wrapped in your blankets. The wooden floor maximises the vibrations of the singing bowls and gongs , transporting you into delightful dreamscapes and inner journeys of tranquility”.

When Antony and Angie join forces at Elmslie House you will have the healing vibrations of 5 gongs – 3 gongs in front of you and 2 behind you, creating a truely surround sound experience ♥

We are so sure that you will love this sound journey and want to come again that we are offering those coming to Elmslie House for their first session half the usual price. Come along and try something new!

* Reduce stress & anxiety
* Reduce Chronic Pain
* Connect to your higher self and Angelic guides
* Help release stuck energy and blockages in the energy body
* Induces a deep state of relaxation
* Promotes restful sleep
* Promotes mindful living and heart connection
* Space for inner journeying and visualisation

All money payable in cash on the night but please mark yourself as ‘going’ on the Facebook event or message me to secure your space.
The room is large but we would still like to keep an eye on numbers attending.

What should I bring?

Please bring either a yoga mat or sleeping bag to lie on , a cushion or pillow for your head and a warm blanket to wrap yourself in during the meditation. If you have problems lying on the floor you are welcome to bring your own comfy chair or recliner to sit back in . Bring an extra cushion for your back or knees if you wish.

Just lie back and relax as we take you through a gentle meditation followed by an hour of sublime sound and vibrations.

* Due to the powerful vibrations of the gongs this session is not suitable for those with heart conditions or pacemakers , ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy or those suffering from acute mental illness. If in doubt please message us for more info.

Antony Blakmore :

Gong Practioner and follower of the Shamanic Path. Antony has 3 beautiful Paiste Gongs including two which are vibrationally aligned to the planets Venus and Mercury which work on the Heart and Throat Chakras.
FB page : https://www.facebook.com/thespiritsong/

Angie Latham :

An Intuitive energy healer Angie plays the Gong , full chakra note sets of Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls , Shamanic Drum and other instruments for healing and self transformation.

* Due to the strong vibrations of the instruments this event is not suitable for those with heart problems or pace makers , severe mental illness , sound sensitive epilepsy or for ladies in the first trimester of pregnancy. If in doubt please message for more information and advice.

To reserve a space or for more info please contact Antony on 07890 582421