NEW – VeraFlow Classes – Thursdays at 7.00pm

Moving you to find your True Flow

What is VeraFlow?

Dance, stretch and find your true flow in this class like none other you have ever experienced.
VeraFlow is just what you need to feel completely relaxed and content. Find your true flow in body and mind as you stretch your body and train your mind to the rhythm of the music.

This is you time. Time out in your day to get a clear head, to get focused on the here and now and to get in control.

You’ll leave feeling like you’ve had a full body massage, with your muscles strengthened yet relaxed and loose.

There is no need to live with pain in your body. Once you experience the release you find in VeraFlow you won’t look back.

Classes are run by Sarah Clarke. Here’s a little about Sarah:

Having danced all my life and then trained to a professional standard, dancing is all I know how to do and all I want to do!

I taught children and adult dance classes for many years including ballet, tap, street dance, lyrical, etc.

In recent years I have moved more into the fitness side of dance, I have been teaching Zumba for the past 6 years and Aqua Zumba for 3 years.

VeraFlow is something new and completely different to anything else around, plus this is the first class in the whole of Worcestershire!!

If you would like any more information please contact me on 07977 778635 or email

Core * Pilates * Strength * Balance Classes – Thursdays at 9.15

We are delighted to welcome instructor Wendy Green to Elmslie. Wendy says: “Being a local girl I’m very lucky to have always worked in the Malvern area I have been an Exercise to Music instructor for 28 years teaching a variety of Fitness Classes Having now started classes in the beautiful surroundings of Elmslie House my aim is to have small groups where you feel comfortable, at ease and able to interact. We incorporate the fundamentals of Core Pilates with a lovely fusion of Stretch and Balance. This fusion of elements helps promote wellbeing by improving core strength and posture through a series of low repetition, low impact stretching and conditioning exercises. The class will provide a complete body workout, helping your mind and body to work in harmony. You will leave the class feeling relaxed and a smile on your face”. Classes are held every Thursday morning at 9.15 (pre-booking is essential) For any information and to book a class call Wendy on 07790 101470

Life on Your Terms – Workshop 16th September 2017

Are you thriving or striving? In these turbulent times, it’s not surprising we find ourselves feeling overwhelmed and lacking control. But it’s never too late to reclaim your life. Workshop facilitator Cathryn Priestley, uses her experience in leadership, change management and holistic therapies to help people lead fulfilling, healthier and happier lives. My aim is that by the end of this workshop you will feel: More purposeful and in control In tune with your values More decisive More energised and determined to make lasting changes in your life. “I am privileged to have helped thousands of people over the past 20-years to feel more authentic and empowered in their lives”. The course will be running on Saturday September 16th from 09.30 – 16.00 Post workshop email support £65.00 including lunch and materials Set in a beautiful and creative space; the day is packed with engaging activities to help you reconnect and recharge. To book, please contact Cathryn via email, phone or her website: Email: Mobile: 07950 366806